Build 207



Support Metrics from the Prometheus Java Client Library

Metrics from the Prometheus Java client library are now available on the JVM dashboard. See for documentation.


  • logDNA logging integration: Added support for IBM Log Analysis.
  • logDNA logging integration: Now using hostnames instead of FQDN when creating deep links.
  • Elasticsearch Sensor: Added support for ES 7.13+
  • Audit Log is renamed to Action Log with improved layout
  • Access Log was added to the Audit section
  • Java Trace Sensor:

    • Add EJB support for WildFly 22+
    • Enabled trace correlation for IBM MQ tracing
    • Support infrastructure linking for Redis Cluster tracing (Lettuce and Spring Data Redis)
    • Support Kafka consumer client for versions older 0.11
    • Improved detection of incompatible APM agents (APM Insight Java Agent)
  • IBM DataPower: Add support for monitoring local instances


  • Liferay Sensor: Added sensor to static packaging
  • PingDirectory Sensor: Add sensor to static packaging
  • NGINX Monitoring documentation: Added missing allow directive to /nginx_status
  • Java Trace Sensor: Fix tracing of scheduled JBoss EJB calls
  • PHP

    • Fixed crash in AMQP extension instrumentation
    • Fixed crash in PHP SDK context handling
    • Fixed freeze of PHP FPM with profiler enabled
    • Fixed incorrect HTTP method reported by cURL instrumentation
    • Re-enabled shipment of extension for PHP 8.0 ZTS Alpine
  • IBM MQ: Fix connection increase issue when configuration changes