Build 208



Sensor for Traefik reverse proxy and load balancer

Traefik app is now available on the dashboard together with its metrics.


Added instrumentation instrumentation/instamux/v1.0.0 for router.


  • The API for managing user invitations has been moved from /api/settings/users/invitations to /api/settings/invitations. Older API endpoints will remain intact, but are now considered deprecated.
  • AWS Lambda Sensor: Report Lambda layers and environment variables.
  • Security improvement: New requirements for password: Minimum 15 characters, at least 1 special character, 1 number, 1 upper and 1 lower-case letter.
  • Custom host events: It is now possible to create a custom event based on the filesystem metrics and a mount point as a filesystem identifier.
  • Security improvement: Users are now signed out after changing their password.
  • IBM DataPower: Report errors as agent monitoring issues.
  • IBM MQ: Added 6 Channel metrics and 2 Queue metrics summarized data by time selection in KPI value frame.
  • Cloud Foundry: Add support for the Ubuntu Bionic


  • IBM APM V8 Integration: Fixed several issues in the EBA that gets installed into APM V8 server. Refer to the 'ecosystem/ibm-apmproxy' documentation for download instructions to get and replace the file in the APM V8 server.
  • API-tokens: Adjust the logic to show and copy API-tokens to better support Safari.