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Technology Preview: IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6 Integration

This technology preview enables existing ITM V6 customers to integrate their existing monitoring with Instana. Customers will be able to view their monitoring data in both the ITM V6 UI and the Instana UI simultaneously. The Integration of IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6 with Instana is accomplished by updating the ITM V6 or ITCAM V7 agents to communicate with both the IBM TEMS server as well as the new IBM Monitoring Instana Integration Service. The IBM Monitoring Instana Integration Service is the main portion of the technology preview. It will transform the monitoring data from the V6 agents and provide them to the Instana server via the ibm-apmproxy sensor. Please see for further details about this technology preview.

Technology Preview: Apache HTTPd Tracing

Instana now supports tracing Apache HTTPd on xLinux 64. For more information, refer to the Apache HTTPd docs.

Proof of concept: IBM Db2 on Z

IBM Db2 for z/OS support in Instana is proof of concept to showcase the IBM Db2 health and basic metrics.

Technology Preview: IBM ACE Tracing

Instana now supports tracing IBM ACE on xLinux 64. For more information, see the IBM ACE docs


  • Go: a new instrumentation package has been released. This package provides instrumentation for HTTP servers that use router.
  • Application Monitoring: some kubernetes related infrastructure tags are now available when configuring Application Perspectives and Custom Dashboards. They can also be used in Unbounded Analytics for Calls and Traces. The new tags are

    • kubernetes.cluster.version
    • kubernetes.namespace.labels
    • kubernetes.node.label
  • Unbounded Analytics: Charts are now toggleable. If you want to focus on your results an do not need a chart, you can remove it and add it back again later.
  • IBM ACE Sensor:

    • Added support of HTTPS protocol
    • Added filter to exclude integration servers from monitoring
    • More types of message flow are supported
    • Added support of monitoring ACE server with administration security enabled
    • Application name for each message flow can be displayed
    • Added more built-in events
  • IBM MQ: Add support for monitoring local queue managers.
  • IBM i OS: Added new Metrics (Auxiliary storage pools, Output queues, Spool/print files and Active jobs)
  • IBM MQ Tracing:

    • Improved performance for tracing MQ messages
    • Added support for sending IBM MQ tracing data to the remote secured host agent endpoint
    • Added support for linking calls to IBM MQ to the infrastructure entity
    • Traces for messages on temporary queues and the default internal system queues for IBM App Connect Enterprise(ACE) are no longer generated


  • Containerd: Missing Kubernetes search fields for pod uid, container name and pod name are added for the Containerd plugin
  • IBM DataPower: Fix too many worklist changes in UI.