Build 210



IBM Z HMC monitoring

Instana now supports remote monitoring of zHMC as a platform. This includes a built-in dashboard that displays key metrics. For more information, refer to the IBM Z HMC docs

Node.js (v1.133.0)

  • Added console.warn & console.error instrumentation


  • LDAP settings: Added help and validations for inputs.
  • IBM ITM V6 Technology Preview: Added "airgap" support
  • Application monitoring: expose the AWS tags under the key-value pair tag aws.tag allowing, for instance, the creation of Application Perspectives representing environments.
  • End User Monitoring for Websites: the Get Grouped Beacon Metrics API endpoint now supports complex filters with AND/OR operators and nested levels.
  • IBM ACE Sensor: Added support of remote monitoring
  • IBM Db2 v 11.5 LUW Sensor

    • Added various metrics related to Transactional Logs, Table Space Stats as metrics collections.
    • Added detailed table views for Reorg, Idle UOW entries, HADR Primary and Secondary Logs, HADR connections.
    • Added tables for HADR and STANDBY DB2 servers where user defined schemas can be added in the configuration yaml to view the system table details.

For more information, refer to the IBM Db2 docs


  • Nginx sensor 1.1.77: Fixed parsing of NGINX configs with geoip2 blocks.
  • LDAP settings: Now error description is shown when saving configuration.
  • IBM Cloud Platform sensor 1.0.11: Fixed IBM Load Balancer for VPC metric showing zero value.
  • PHP Tracer Extension 1.16.6: Fixed threading issue in PHP FPM.