Build 212



Azure Queues

Azure Queues and Azure Queue Metrics are now visible on Instana Infrastructure as a part of Azure Storage component.

Tracing MongoDB queries in Go services

A new instrumentation module instruments MongoDB clients in Go applications to trace database requests. Further details as well as examples and usage instructions can be found in the module documentation.

Unbounded Analytics Chart Templates

We introduced preconfigured chart templates in Unbounded Analytics. Chart templates show one or more charts to visualise key metrics of your data.

The new Calls Overview chart template, which replaces the latency distribution chart as the default chart for calls and traces, visualises

  • Call Count
  • Erroneous Calls Rate
  • Latency

Support Metrics from the Prometheus .Net Core Client Library

Metrics from the Prometheus .Net Core client library are now available on the .Net Core process dashboard. See for documentation.

Technology Preview: Alibaba Cloud Monitoring


  • CRI-O container labels are now available in the sidebar.
  • Containerd infra/sandbox containers are excluded from monitoring.
  • Charts in Unbounded Analytics which display metrics related to errors (e.g. erroneous call rate) are now rendered red instead of blue to visually indicate this.


  • IBM MQ: Fixed listener down event not triggered issue
  • Fixed search by entity.kubernetes.container.restartCount issue for container runtime entities.