Build 196 (Preview)



  • Node.js

    • Added instrumentation for AWS S3
    • Added instrumentation for AWS DynamoDB
  • Ruby:

    • Added support for W3 Trace Context / OpenTelemetry
    • Added instrumentation for Dynamodb
  • .NET Core

    • Added support for W3 Trace Context / OpenTelemetry
  • AWS Sensor:

    • Added support for AWS Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK)
  • ClickHouse Sensor:

    • ClickHouse server version is displayed in the sidebar

Custom Dashboard: Ability to share max values between multiple Y axes

With this release, we have added a toggle in the axes configurator section of the custom dashboard. The toggle will be visible only when the user adds a secondary Y-axis.

With this toggle, you can set a common max value between both the Y axes. If the user hasn't manually set a max-value in the input field, the value will be calculated automatically using the data.

Other Features

  • Go: as of v1.27.0 Instana Go sensor correlates calls from OpenTelemetry-instrumented processes into the same trace.


  • C++ Sensor 1.1.1: Fixed the NGINX secrets handling.