Build 210 (Preview)



IBM Z HMC monitoring

Instana now supports remote monitoring of zHMC as a platform. This includes a built-in dashboard that displays key metrics.

Node.js (v1.133.0)

  • Added console.warn & console.error instrumentation


  • LDAP settings: Added help and validations for inputs.
  • IBM ITM V6 Technology Preview: Added "airgap" support
  • Application monitoring: expose the AWS tags under the key-value pair tag aws.tag allowing, for instance, the creation of Application Perspectives representing environments.
  • End User Monitoring for Websites: the Get Grouped Beacon Metrics API endpoint now supports complex filters with AND/OR operators and nested levels.
  • IBM ACE Sensor: Added support of remote monitoring


  • Nginx sensor 1.1.77: Fixed parsing of NGINX configs with geoip2 blocks.
  • LDAP settings: Now error description is shown when saving configuration.
  • IBM Cloud Platform sensor 1.0.11: Fixed IBM Load Balancer for VPC metric showing zero value.
  • PHP Tracer Extension 1.16.6: Fixed threading issue in PHP FPM.