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Google Cloud Run Support

With this release we officially launch Instana’s support for Google Cloud Run.

Google Cloud Run is a serverless compute engine for containers that removes the need to provision and manage servers.

You can now seamlessly trace all calls in your applications running on Cloud Run and collect metrics for Google Cloud Run service revisions with Instana, without any code change. This gives you full visibility into your Cloud Run resources and their performance.

Pipeline Feedback resource for Concourse

We launched the first version of the Instana Pipeline Feedback resource for Concourse CI. Get it while it's hot!

Other features

  • Remote download of log-files from the Agent dashboard


  • Go: as of v1.2.0 instrumentation package supports tracing calls via the Google Cloud Pub/Sub.
  • Application Perspectives: HTTP status code chart becomes available on Application and Service dashboards if the Application or Service has HTTP endpoints.
  • HTTPd: HTTPd instance name/label now includes PID and listen address to distinguish multiple instances running on a single host.