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GitHub Action: Remote Instana Agent Update

We release a GitHub Action to remotely trigger the update of Instana agents using Git-based configuration management!

Application Dashboards: Time Shift

Metrics can be easily compared to past timeframes in application, service and endpoint dashboards using Time Shift.


  • Go: as of v1.19.0 of an instrumented service running in AWS Fargate is now reporting the resource usage metrics for process and Docker container. The reported metrics are:

    • Containers: CPU, memory and network usage
    • Process: CPU, memory, open file limits and usage
  • Go: as of v1.20.0 of the instrumentation of services running AWS Fargate accept configuration via environment variables. This release promotes the AWS Fargate to GA.
  • Prometheus Sensor: added support for untyped type of metrics, improved overall performance of sensor on large responses.
  • Ruby / Sidekiq: the Job name is now used for the rather than the Queue name, which is already used for the Endpoint, and this duplication provides no value.
  • Java Trace Sensor 1.2.345 added support for JBoss ExecutorService.
  • Java Trace Sensor 1.2.345 added support for gRPC 1.32.x.


  • Agent list: fixed issue where 'offline' Agents were no longer correctly included in the list
  • Java Trace Sensor 1.2.343 fixed wrong or duplicate Kafka headers when ProducerRecord is used multiple times.
  • Java Trace Sensor 1.2.345 fixed custom status codes when Filters are used in Spring Boot/Web (with Tomcat).
  • Java Trace Sensor 1.2.345 fixed Spring Webflux Clients instrumentation when the protocol is omitted.
  • Java Trace Sensor 1.2.345 made HTTP instrumentations more resilient when URL or status code are not extractable.


  • The custom payload for alert configurations via API is now flagged as deprecated, as it will soon be replaced with a much improved capability.