Build 199


Self-hosted Operator Release Notes

Minimum version to update directly: Build 195

Cumulative Features from Release #198, #199

IBM Db2 on i

Instana now supports monitoring of IBM Db2 on i. This includes a built-in dashboard that displays system and memory pool metrics. For more information, refer to the IBM Db2 on i docs.

Sensor enhancements

  • Node.js

    • Added instrumentation for OptimalBits Bull Messaging Framework
  • PHP Tracer v1.16.0:

    • Added instrumentation for Google Cloud Pub/Sub

OpenId Connect Identity Provider

Instana now provides the possibility to authenticate users with OpenId Connect as your Identity Provider. For more information please visit OpenId Connect.

Associated with this change we also adjusted our session cookie to INSTANA_JSESSIONID.


  • IBM MQ: Added support for custom Availability Zone for Queue Manager.
  • Weblogic: Changed service naming. Service names used to come from the Weblogic server name, and now they come from the different web applications. The result will be more granular but more meaningful services.
  • Details view of a Website Smart Alert now has a duplicate action to copy the respective Smart Alert.
  • The built-in event for detecting Elasticsearch node status now uses a time window to prevent firing alerts when a cluster is set up.
  • The built-in event for detecting Elasticsearch cluster status now uses a time window to prevent firing alerts when a new index is created.
  • Redis sensor is reporting errors as agent monitoring issues.
  • Redis sensor will pick config-command from redis.conf file by default if it's not specified in agent configuration.
  • PHP SDK allows creation ENTRY and EXIT spans and flush intermediate tracing results.
  • PHP SDK allows setting parent id for custom spans.


  • IBM MQ: Fixed extraction of topic types.
  • Percentage Bars: Added spacing between two adjacent percentage bars in lists.
  • Fixed the service extraction for AWS Lambdas. Lambda invocations have previously sometimes been counted as calls for the service representing infrastructure or a message broker (for example an SQS queue). Now they are counted as calls towards the service representing the Lambda.
  • Fixed a regression in data processing which led to occasional gaps in 1hr resolution metric data in some environments.
  • PHP Tracer: Fixed incorrect behaviour of auto profiler under heavy load
  • PHP Tracer: Fixed crashes in mongodb instrumentation
  • PHP Tracer: Fixed incorrect reporting for socket connections to Redis
  • PHP Tracer: Fixed regressions introduced by removal of error spans
  • Java Trace Sensor: Support for MongoDB 4 driver
  • Java Trace Sensor: Support Async Feign HTTP client
  • Ruby: AWS Lambda and Fargate support
  • Java Trace Sensor: Display the correct artifact name of incompatible agents in monitoring issue messages when multiple javaagents are defined.
  • Java Trace Sensor: Fix broken traces in Kotlin Coroutines in situations with very high parallelism.
  • Java Trace Sensor: Fix broken traces in Spring WebFlux when using WebFilter in combination with Reactor.

Operator changes

  • Prevent operator from getting stuck due to a missing pod