Build 209


Self-hosted Operator Release Notes

Minimum version to update from directly: Build 205



  • Please note that all databases are on the current required version.


Unbounded Analytics (BETA)

Version 209 starts a closed beta program for ounbounded analytic. This includes features such as custom dashboards for infrastructure metrics and a preview of the infra entity explore.

The new datastore beeinstana-aggregator is included in the database setup of instana-console. It is therefore necessary to ensure that sufficient storage is available in the metric storage drive.

To be included in this programme, please contact your technical instana support.

Appdata Cache

With this release we introduce an additional component that reduces the read load against the appdata storage.


  • Allow to override the Java HEAP_OPTS env vars for the instana backend components.

Cumulative Features from Release #208, #209

Sensor for Traefik reverse proxy and load balancer

Traefik app is now available on the dashboard together with its metrics.


Added instrumentation instrumentation/instamux/v1.0.0 for router.

Technology Preview: Apache httpd Tracing

Instana now supports tracing Apache httpd on xLinux 64. For more information, refer to the Apache HTTPd docs.

Proof of concept: IBM Db2 on Z

IBM Db2 for z/OS support in Instana is proof of concept to showcase the IBM Db2 health and basic metrics.

Technology Preview: IBM ACE Tracing

Instana now supports tracing IBM ACE on xLinux 64. For more information, see the IBM ACE docs


  • The API for managing user invitations has been moved from /api/settings/users/invitations to /api/settings/invitations. Older API endpoints will remain intact, but are now considered deprecated.
  • AWS Lambda Sensor: Report Lambda layers and environment variables.
  • Security improvement: New requirements for password: Minimum 15 characters, at least 1 special character, 1 number, 1 upper and 1 lower-case letter.
  • Custom host events: It is now possible to create a custom event based on the filesystem metrics and a mount point as a filesystem identifier.
  • Security improvement: Users are now signed out after changing their password.
  • IBM DataPower: Report errors as agent monitoring issues.
  • IBM MQ: Added 6 Channel metrics and 2 Queue metrics summarized data by time selection in KPI value frame.
  • Cloud Foundry: Add support for the Ubuntu Bionic
  • Go: a new instrumentation package has been released. This package provides instrumentation for HTTP servers that use router.
  • Application Monitoring: some kubernetes related infrastructure tags are now available when configuring Application Perspectives and Custom Dashboards. They can also be used in Unbounded Analytics for Calls and Traces. The new tags are

    • kubernetes.cluster.version
    • kubernetes.namespace.labels
    • kubernetes.node.label
  • Unbounded Analytics: Charts are now toggleable. If you want to focus on your results an do not need a chart, you can remove it and add it back again later.
  • IBM ACE Sensor:

    • Added support of HTTPS protocol
    • Added filter to exclude integration servers from monitoring
    • More types of message flow are supported
    • Added support of monitoring ACE server with administration security enabled
    • Application name for each message flow can be displayed
    • Added more built-in events
  • IBM MQ: Add support for monitoring local queue managers.
  • IBM i OS: Added new Metrics (Auxiliary storage pools, Output queues, Spool/print files and Active jobs)
  • IBM MQ Tracing:

    • Improved performance for tracing MQ messages
    • Added support for sending IBM MQ tracing data to the remote secured host agent endpoint
    • Added support for linking calls to IBM MQ to the infrastructure entity
    • Traces for messages on temporary queues and the default internal system queues for IBM App Connect Enterprise(ACE) are no longer generated


  • IBM APM V8 Integration: Fixed several issues in the EBA that gets installed into APM V8 server. Refer to the 'ecosystem/ibm-apmproxy' documentation for download instructions to get and replace the file in the APM V8 server.
  • API-tokens: Adjust the logic to show and copy API-tokens to better support Safari.
  • Containerd: Missing Kubernetes search fields for pod uid, container name and pod name are added for the Containerd plugin
  • IBM DataPower: Fix too many worklist changes in UI.


  • Fix proxy configuration