Build 177


On-Premises Release Notes


Support for SAML under ADFS 2012

Cumulative Features from Release #176, #177

Mobile App Monitoring: Open Beta

We're thrilled to open our Mobile EUM beta to all customers. To get started, head over to the Mobile App Monitoring docs.

Custom Events for Dynamic Built-in Metrics

Custom Events on dynamic built-in metrics can now be defined within Instana: e.g. "Garbage Collection on JVM" or "available disk space on any host", Further information can be found in the Define Custom Events docs).

VMware Tanzu & Cloud Foundry

  • VMware Kubernetes Grid clusters, formerly known as Pivotal Container Service (PKS), are now automatically recognized and marked as such in the Instana UI.
  • Introduced notion of foundation, which is applicable to both PKS and TAS and allows you to group and filter in Instana by the Tanzu foundation name.

    • Added Dynamic Focus Query for Tanzu Foundation:
    • Added Unbounded Analytics for Tanzu Foundation:
    • Added Dynamic Focus Query capabilities for PCF-Events using Application/Service relationships e.g. and
  • Tracing Ruby applications in Cloud Foundry is now generally available.
  • Tracing PHP applications in Cloud Foundry is now experimental: the tracing itself works great and is entirely automated; we need to correlate to the infrastructure (Cloud Foundry app and below) correctly.


  • Context Guide: Upstream / Downstream now available on Kubernetes Dashboards.
  • DB2 Sensor: Support for various encrypted security mechanisms
  • Unbounded Analytics : Tag call.http.status can now operate on numbers. Numeric operators like <, <=, >, >= can now be used when filtering by call.http.status.
  • Applications and Websites & Mobile Apps charts: changing time scale bucket sizes to divisors of 24, so that buckets map to the same times each day. This will simplify metric comparison between days.
  • Cloud Foundry application issues are not correlated with Application Perspectives, Services and Endpoints associated with those Cloud Foundry applications.
  • Exposed Ruby on Rails tags for searching (internal) calls using, call.ruby.onrails.actioncontroller.action and
  • Exposed PHP script name and total compile time in call details. The tag call.php.compileTime can be used for searching in Unbounded Analytics.
  • Alert Channels: SmartAlert configurations are now included in the alerts list of an alert channel detail page.
  • The origin of the Instana agents in the Agents view in Instana is now tile. The Instana agents installed on PKS worker nodes will be reported as public docker for consistency with other Kubernetes deployment means.
  • Rebranding of PKS to VMware Kubernetes Grid.
  • Greatly improved the efficiency deployment mechanism of Instana agent Docker images on Kubernetes Grid worker nodes.
  • Added Kubernetes 1.18 support.
  • Tag call.http.status can now operate on numbers. Numeric operators like <, <=, >, >= can now be used when filtering by call.http.status.
  • The website monitoring error reporting API now supports one-of meta data in error reports.


  • CRI-O Sensor: Fixed getting throttling and block IO metrics
  • OracleDB Sensor: Improved reading sensor poll rate configuration
  • Service labeling in the Application Perspectives are for MySQL database endpoints, when using the MySQLi PHP adapter.
  • Fixed relationship between Kafka Cluster and Producer/Consumer JVMs, the metrics are displayed on the cluster dashboard. and available on the JVM entity level through the API.
  • Snap End User Monitoring timeframe to time buckets for metrics consistency.
  • Custom Events:

    • Fix issue that the 50th and 99th metric of a Dropwizard Timer or Histogram as Custom Metric did not yield any events.
    • Resolve usability issues of the Built-in metric selector.
  • Fix race condition between BOSH updates and agent updates in dynamic mode.
  • The backend correlation between XMLHttpRequest and fetch HTTP calls and their backend activity is now more reliable.