Build 185


On-Premises Release Notes


Ability to log out login events for security auditing

Dedicated logger for audit logs can be activated with following config toggle config.audit.log.level it logs every login in a seperated log file, which can be found in the log directory under the following path /instana/butler/audit.log. how to configure

Cumulative Features from Release #184, #185


  • Website page transition analysis is now supported via the user interface.
  • Website custom events and page transitions analysis are now supported via the API.
  • Website page transition metrics are now supported within custom dashboards.
  • The host agent is now capable of automatically creating the Git repository for the Git-based configuration management, and it is seamlessly integrated in the agent Docker images and the OneLiner. Refer to the Git-based Configuration Management documentation for more information.
  • Added Zend Framework (v2.5 through v3.1) and Laminas (v3.1) support via the 1.9.0 PHP Extension. We collect route, controller, action and module information so you can slice and dice the calls directed at your application.
  • PHP Framework support in Unbounded Analytics now allows you to filter your calls by controller, action, route and module (if present). Available call tags for filtering added:

    • call.php.zf.action - The ZendFramework action invoked
    • call.php.zf.controller - The ZendFramework controller invoked
    • call.php.zf.module - The ZendFramework module invoked
    • call.php.zf.route - The ZendFramework route invoked
    • call.php.laminas.action - The Laminas action invoked
    • call.php.laminas.controller - The Laminas controller invoked
    • call.php.laminas.module - The Laminas module invoked
    • call.php.laminas.route - The Laminas route invoked
    • call.php.symfony.action - The Symfony action invoked
    • call.php.symfony.controller - The Symfony controller invoked
    • call.php.symfony.route - The Symfony route invoked
    • call.php.laravel.action - The Laravel action invoked
    • call.php.laravel.controller - The Laravel controller invoked
    • call.php.laravel.route - The Laravel route invoked
  • Website SmartAlerts are now shown in a dedicated lane below all website dashboard charts. Refer to the Website Monitoring documentation for more information.
  • Go sensor v1.17.0 has added support for capturing the HTTP headers and query string parameters.
  • Instana Tracing for Kubernetes NGINX Ingress technology preview has been added dropping the need for the Zipkin tracer.

Unbounded Analytics: Latency Distribution

New latency distribution chart in Unbounded Analytics to quickly identify and filter outliers.

Latency Distribution

Unbounded Analytics: Trace to Profile correlation

Correlation between Profiling and Tracing, view directly the CPU spikes and CPU Hotspots of the time window the call occured. Navigate directly to Profiling and do further Analytics to find the performance bottlenecks.

Latency Distribution


Instana now integrates with IBM MQ so you can monitor the performance of your Queue Manager instances alongside related applications and the infrastructure it runs on. This includes a builtin dashboard displaying the key metrics about your instances’ availability, number of messages, connections, queues, and more. See the IBM MQ docs for more information.

SLO Widget

Instana now enables users to create widgets for SLOs, in order to display and analyze the performance of your services over time. As part of the creation of SLO widgets, you can choose to create either Time-based or Event-based SLI configurations. For more information, see the Service Level Objectives docs.


  • Guided Application Perspective creation with preview of matched services
  • The user interface's page load performance has been improved.
  • Endpoint mapping is more resilient when path template is not captured due to missing entry span or client side error.
  • Added support for OpenShift 4.4 & 4.5
  • Go Sensor v1.3.0 has added forwarding of secrets matcher and extra HTTP headers configuration to the in-app sensor. Please note that secrets filtering and HTTP header collection are supported in starting from v1.17.0.
  • Website Smart Alerts: We added a new Throughput blueprint that enables to receive alerts when the expected number of page loads or page transitions of your website significantly differs compared to past data. For more information, please check out the Website Smart Alert docs.
  • NGINX tracing v1.1.1: Added support for NGINX 1.19.2 and OpenResty from DockerHub. Also added tracer configuration by environment variables to the NGINX documentation.
  • Python: Improved Opentracing tag validation
  • Python: Remove deprecated REST API client
  • Python: New synthetic calls support


  • NGINX tracing v1.1.0: Fixed the agent discovery for kernels without /proc/$pid/sched file.
  • Boolean values are now correctly presented within the trace view.
  • An uncaught error within the profiles user interface for profiled JVMs no longer occurs.
  • Fixed metric formatting for several kinds of metrics, e.g. ping sensor's duration metric.
  • Solr, Docker and RabbitMQ metrics are now available in Instana API.
  • In the Agent Onboarding dialog, when copying bash, Dockerfiles and cmd scripts via the COPY button, the entire content is now copied in the clipboard.
  • Custom Offline Events: Fixed a caching issue which caused that some events did not contain metadata such as entity label, FQDN or tags in case that entity just went offline.
  • Custom Events and Alerts: We resolved problems related to events and alerts on Kubernetes entities that are scoped to specific applications or services.
  • Host Agent Event SDK: Events sent as batch are not merged together anymore by default when no "path" parameter is explicitly specified.
  • Python: AWS Lambda: Assure Server-Timing response header (available in AWS Lambda Python Layer v11)
  • Python: Agent Connectivity: Fix timeout handling
  • Python: AIOHTTP: Don't count successful responses as errors
  • Python: AWS Lambda: Safeties in Lambda Handler parsing
  • Python: PyMongo: Fix key lookup (available in AWS Lambda Python Layer v9)
  • Python: Fix trace context extraction in AWS Lambda
  • Agent list: fixed issue where 'offline' Agents were no longer correctly included in the list