Build 187


Cumulative Features from Release #186, #187

General Availability for Monitoring AWS Fargate

Instana's support for AWS Fargate, so far available as a technical preview, becomes generally available with this release.

IBM DB2 Remote Monitoring

Next to local Db2 instances, Instana is now capable of monitoring multiple remote instances. They will be displayed as separate boxes in the specified availabilityZone on the Infra map.

Elasticsearch Detailed Indices Metrics

Elasticsearch detailed monitoring for up to 200 indices now includes more than 20 metrics such as: Queries, Get requests, Segment merges, Failed indexing operations, Evictions and Cache Memory. Indices to be monitored in details need to be specified in the agent configuration with a regex.

Weblogic SAF Agents monitoring

Extended Weblogic monitoring with collecting SAF Agent metrics. See the Weblogic docs for more information.

Google Cloud Storage .NET Core tracing

Instana now supports tracing of Google Cloud Storage for .NET Core applications.

GitHub Action: Remote Instana Agent Update

We released a GitHub Action to remotely trigger the update of Instana agents using Git-based configuration management. The GitOps Demo repository shows you examples of how to automatically trigger configuration updates of your agents using GitHub and Git hooks. Happy GitOps-ing :-)

Application Dashboards: Time Shift

Metrics can be easily compared to past timeframes in application, service and endpoint dashboards using Time Shift.

Time Shift


  • Go: as of v1.19.0 of an instrumented service running in AWS Fargate is now reporting the resource usage metrics for process and Docker container. The reported metrics are:

    • Containers: CPU, memory and network usage
    • Process: CPU, memory, open file limits and usage
  • Go: as of v1.20.0 of the instrumentation of services running AWS Fargate accept configuration via environment variables. This release promotes the AWS Fargate to GA.
  • Prometheus Sensor: added support for untyped type of metrics, improved overall performance of sensor on large responses.
  • Ruby / Sidekiq: the Job name is now used for the rather than the Queue name, which is already used for the Endpoint, and this duplication provides no value.
  • Website & Mobile App Monitoring: It is now possible to jump to analyze from KPIs.
  • AWS Sensor: Exposed built-in metrics for API usage. Exposed dynamic built-in metrics for custom events.
  • [Node.js]: Trace HTTP2 communication.
  • [Node.js]: Trace Google Cloud Storage client calls.
  • [Node.js]: Add support for INSTANA_EXTRA_HTTP_HEADERS variable.
  • [Node.js]: Secrets Filtering: Replace values for filtered query parameters with <redacted> instead of removing the whole key-value pair.
  • [Node.js/AWS Fargate]: Add support for INSTANA_ZONE, INSTANA_TAGS.
  • [Node.js/AWS Lambda & AWS Fargate]: Add support for INSTANA_SECRETS and INSTANA_EXTRA_HTTP_HEADERS.
  • Go: Google Cloud Storage client instrumentation v1.0.0 has been released.


  • Agent list: fixed issue where 'offline' Agents were no longer correctly included in the list
  • Kafka Connect: process is now correctly connected to the JVM
  • Traces processing: Timestamps in spans received via the Agent WebService (REST) API are no longer corrected according to relative host time.
  • StatsD sensor: Fixed flaky charts when the flush-interval value is bigger than 60 seconds
  • [Node.js]: Fix handling for HTTP headers of type array (normalize to string, separated by 0x2C 0x20).
  • [Node.js/AWS Lambda] Improve handling for event.multiValueHeaders.