Build 203


Self-hosted Release Notes

Minimum version to update directly: Build 199

Self-hosted announcements

In release #203 we will release a bigger migration that will be executed in the background as we are retiring ElasticSearch 2 and migrating to ElasticSearch 7. We anticipate no deviations from the standard update procedure.

Cumulative Features from Release #202, #203

  • Include Instana's AWS Lambda extension in the Instana Node.js Lambda layer.
  • Google Compute Engine: Instana agents installed on Compute Engine instances will automatically collect labels which will be displayed in the sidebar of every GCE instance.
  • Implemented .Net Core instrumentation for AWS SDK DynamoDB, SQS and SNS clients.
  • IBM Cloud Platform Services Sensor: Added support for IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch, IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB, IBM Cloud Databases for RabbitMQ and IBM Cloud SQL Query.
  • Add support for AWS SDK Lambda Invoke call
  • IBM Cloud Platform sensor added support for IBM Cloud Container Registry, IBM Cloud Schematics and IBM VPN for VPC
  • Invoking AWS Lambda functions via the AWS SDK (Lambda#invoke, Lambda#invokeAsync) is now captured and also correlated into the trace for Go and Node.js
  • AWS Lambda executions that are cold starts are now marked as such in unbounded analytics (for Node.js based Lambdas, other runtimes will follow).
  • Imminent timeouts of AWS Lambda functions are detected and shown as such in unbounded analytics (for Node.js based Lambdas, other runtimes will follow).

Agent: Configuration from Process specific files - provide YAML subtrees

In addition to the already available process specific configuration from file or environment with YAML literals, the host agent now supports YAML subtrees from process specific files. This allows for complex configurations, like Java JMX, to be customized for individual processes when running inside containers. Check out the host agent documentation for details.

Custom payload in alert configurations

Instana now provides support to enrich specific alert with static key-value pairs which would be attached to the alert notification.

IBM i and Db2 on i monitoring

Instana now supports remote monitoring of multiple IBM i instances. The monitored IBM i instance will be displayed as a tower on your Infrastructure Map as well as the Db2 on i will be presented as a running process within the tower. OS related metrics are collected from various system tables, as well as the database related metrics are collected using the built-in IBM i Collection Services. The supported versions are: 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4.

This includes:

  • IBM i OS level metrics - a built-in dashboard that displays system and memory pool metrics. For more information, refer to the IBM i docs.
  • Db2 on i - a built-in dashboard that displays Active Queries, various Operations, Plan Cache and SQL Cursor metrics. For more information, refer to the Db2 on i docs.

IBM APM V8 integration support

Instana now supports integration with IBM Application Performance Monitoring V8. Supported V8 agents attached to an APM V8 server can be integrated with the Instana server. Metrics and identity information from the APM V8 agents is forwarded to the Instana server. Host, process and IBM Datapower entities and metrics will appear on the Infrastructure map. Supported V8 agents are:

  • Linux OS
  • Window OS
  • Unix OS on AIX
  • IBM Datapower

IBM MQ tracing support (Technical Preview)

Instana now supports tracing IBM MQ messages on xLinux 64. For more information, refer to the IBM MQ docs.

IBM Z HMC monitoring (Technical Preview)

Instana now supports remote monitoring of zHMC. This includes a built-in dashboard that displays key metrics. For more information, refer to the IBM Z HMC docs

Sensor and Agent enhancements

  • WebSphere Application

    • Added EJB metrics ResponseTime and ResponseCount
    • Added session manager metrics CreateCount and InvalidateCount
    • Added thread pool metrics ConcurrentHungThreadCount and DeclaredThreadHungCount
  • IBM Db2 LUW

    • Added various metrics related to Top queries, Lock wait, Agent status, DBM Config usage, workload and UOW as metrics collections.
    • Added detailed table views for DB & DBM configurations, Top Queries, Lock wait, Top Total CPU, Log Disk Wait, Runstats and Diag Log entries.
  • With Agent 1.1.602 its possible to set mode.web-override.allowed = false in the file <agent-installation>/etc/instana/com.instana.agent.main.config.Agent.cfg to disable the possibility of overriding the Agent Mode directly from the Instana UI.


You can now inspect the Instana product in nine additional languages. While we aren't finished yet with the product's localization (see known issues), we hope you can already benefit from this. The language can be configured within the product's general user settings (Settings ➡ User Settings ➡ General). With this release, we are supporting the following languages:

  • Chinese (China),
  • Chinese (Taiwan),
  • English,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Italian,
  • Japanese,
  • Korean,
  • Portuguese (Brazil) and
  • Spanish.



  • Java Trace Sensor

    • Fix capture of host and port for ElasticSearch clients 6.x and 7.x in case of network problems
    • Correctly strip HTTP basic auth secrets from HTTP requests when special characters (:,@) are used in parameters
  • IBM MQ:

    • Support TLS enabled connection.
    • Support monitoring MQ running in a containerized environment.
    • Event enhancement.
    • Add poll rate for each queue manager.
    • DFQ enhancements - Now you can search by Channel, Cluster, Queue or Queue Manager.
  • IBM DataPower:

    • Support appliance down status.
  • Java Trace Sensor: Correctly trace asynchronous GraphQL calls
  • PHP

    • Fixed critical regression issue caused extension to crash
    • Fixed firing an exception on Yii framework
    • Limited profilier stack depth to prevent memory overflow in the agent
    • A number of code improvements and fixes

Known Issues

  • Some parts of the Instana product are not yet localized or encounter layout issues through localization.

Installer changes

  • Migrate from Elasticsearch 2 to Elasticsearch 7: During updating your installation we will migrate data between the two stores. This migration can take quite a while depending on the amount of data stored in elasticsearch.

Installer patches


  • fix a problem with access rights for the audit logs migration


  • fix regression in audit logs migration


  • fix audit logs migration for broken ealsticsearch schemas


  • Update clickhouse containers to fix a bug with historic queries.


  • fix wrong memory calculation for running datastores only