Build 207


Self-hosted Release Notes

Minimum version to update directly: Build 203

Installer Features

The internel component endpoints of the instana backend are now secured by user/password via basic-auth. The passwords are created inital on update or can be defined via settings.hcl.

The Elasticsearch2 data and logs that are no longer needed are deleted in the update routine.

Self-hosted announcements

Release 209 will introduce a new metrics pipeline (Unbounded Analytics) which will have significant impact on the requirements of running instana. From release 209 on instana won't work on machines with less than 64 GB of RAM and 16 CPUs.

Cumulative Features from Release #206, #207


  • Node.js tracing: Add trace continuity support for SNS-to-SQS bridge.
  • Node.js tracing: Support for DynamoDB with AWS SDK v3.
  • AWS Lambda/Node.js: Add trace correlation support for Lambda invocations triggered by SQS messages (including SNS-to-SQS).
  • AWS Lambda/Node.js: Add W3C trace context support.

Support Metrics from the Prometheus Java Client Library

Metrics from the Prometheus Java client library are now available on the JVM dashboard. See for documentation.


  • C++ Sensor 1.1.2: Improved discovery request handling performance.
  • Filesystem metrics for individual volumes are now available in custom dashboards.
  • MySql Sensor 1.1.66: Added TLS support for secure data transfer.
  • IBM DataPower: Added service status metric and built-in event.
  • IBM MQ: Added channel metrics-Instance Counts, Bytes Received, Bytes Sent.
  • ElasticSearch .Net Core tracing support
  • Couchbase .NET and .NET Core tracing support
  • logDNA logging integration: Added support for IBM Log Analysis.
  • logDNA logging integration: Now using hostnames instead of FQDN when creating deep links.
  • Elasticsearch Sensor: Added support for ES 7.13+
  • Audit Log is renamed to Action Log with improved layout
  • Access Log was added to the Audit section
  • Java Trace Sensor:

    • Add EJB support for WildFly 22+
    • Enabled trace correlation for IBM MQ tracing
    • Support infrastructure linking for Redis Cluster tracing (Lettuce and Spring Data Redis)
    • Support Kafka consumer client for versions older 0.11
    • Improved detection of incompatible APM agents (APM Insight Java Agent)
  • IBM DataPower: Add support for monitoring local instances


  • NGINX tracing v1.1.2: Fixed log spam caused by subrequests.
  • Events API: Fixed that search by ID did not work for events created after R203 when an event was active across the end of a single month.
  • Liferay Sensor: Added sensor to static packaging
  • PingDirectory Sensor: Add sensor to static packaging
  • NGINX Monitoring documentation: Added missing allow directive to /nginx_status
  • Java Trace Sensor: Fix tracing of scheduled JBoss EJB calls
  • PHP

    • Fixed crash in AMQP extension instrumentation
    • Fixed crash in PHP SDK context handling
    • Fixed freeze of PHP FPM with profiler enabled
    • Fixed incorrect HTTP method reported by cURL instrumentation
    • Re-enabled shipment of extension for PHP 8.0 ZTS Alpine
  • IBM MQ: Fix connection increase issue when configuration changes


  • no release


  • include most recent SaaS images with several bug-fixes


  • porting of the images commands for the k8s datastore installation
  • fix memory allocation for elasticsearch7 migration for k8s datastore installation


  • allow http network traffic (alert channels) to internal/untrusted hosts for issue-tracker and groundskeeper by default.


  • add missing cockroachDB image to datastore image list.


  • Updated backend service images and fixes the feature configs that caused missing metrics in the K8s dashboards.