Build 213


Minimum version to update directly: Build 209

Cumulative Features from Release #212, #213

Azure Queues

Azure Queues and Azure Queue Metrics are now visible on Instana Infrastructure as a part of Azure Storage component.

Tracing MongoDB queries in Go services

A new instrumentation module instruments MongoDB clients in Go applications to trace database requests. Further details as well as examples and usage instructions can be found in the module documentation.

Unbounded Analytics Chart Templates

We introduced preconfigured chart templates in Unbounded Analytics. Chart templates show one or more charts to visualise key metrics of your data.

The new Calls Overview chart template, which replaces the latency distribution chart as the default chart for calls and traces, visualises

  • Call Count
  • Erroneous Calls Rate
  • Latency

Support Metrics from the Prometheus .Net Core Client Library

Metrics from the Prometheus .Net Core client library are now available on the .Net Core process dashboard. See for documentation.

Technology Preview: Alibaba Cloud Monitoring

IBM Power HMC monitoring (Technical Preview)

IBM Power HMC Sensor support in Instana is 'Technical Preview' to showcase the remote monitoring of Power HMC as a platform. This includes a built-in dashboard that displays key metrics. For more information, refer to the IBM Power HMC docs

AWS proxy configuration

AWS SDK enabled proxy configuration using HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment. Once configured, proxy configuration settings were applied to all sensors and API clients within the Instana agent. On the other hand, customers needed a way to apply proxy configuration settings to the subset of AWS sensors and API clients in order to avoid additional traffic through their corporate proxy in situations where they can use VPC endpoint, for example. AWS Sensor 1.0.110 enables proxy configuration for individual sensors and API clients, and adds improvements that meet some specifics that come with multiple AWS account monitoring within the China region, using the STS assume role approach.


  • Introduced an issue event that is triggered if the application uses an EOL (end of life) version of Node.js. Not applicable for serverless environments.
  • Instrumentation of SNS for the AWS SDK v2.
  • Loading indicators on custom dashboards are more fluid
  • Remove dependency to node-gyp. This also removes the opt-in feature of rebuilding native add-ons via node-gyp. This capability was off by default in previous releases, it could be enabled via INSTANA_REBUILD_NATIVE_ADDONS_ON_DEMAND=true. This is no longer available, the environment variable will be ignored now.

AWS Lambda cold start and timeout detection in Go

With the latest release v1.4.0 of AWS Lambda instrumentation module we added support for detecting and reporting Lambda cold starts as well as handler timeouts.


  • CRI-O container labels are now available in the sidebar.
  • Containerd infra/sandbox containers are excluded from monitoring.
  • Charts in Unbounded Analytics which display metrics related to errors (e.g. erroneous call rate) are now rendered red instead of blue to visually indicate this.
  • IBM i OS: Added new Metrics

    • Network connections info (Top Receivers,Top Senders)
    • Network interfaces
    • User defined Active Jobs
  • NGINX Tracer: Improved tracing for sub-requests when the auth_request directive is used.
  • C++ Sensor: Report master PID instead of worker PID for better infrastructure correlation.
  • Cassandra Sensor: Added support for Cassandra version 4.x.
  • Websites Smart Alerts: Add option to measure user impact for the selected time window either aggregated or per-window.
  • Tibco EMS Sensor:

    • Added support for Tibco EMS 8.6.0
    • Improve driver handling
    • Other performance improvements


  • IBM MQ: Fixed listener down event not triggered issue
  • Fixed search by entity.kubernetes.container.restartCount issue for container runtime entities.
  • Node.js Tracer

    • Capture HTTP status codes for GraphQL requests over HTTP.
    • Manual spans creation handles tags that are passed as non extensible objetcts - when Object.freeze or Object.preventExtensions is applied to the tags
  • NGINX Tracer: Correct handling of requests where X-INSTANA-L is set to zero.