Container Based Operations

Upgrade Your Package-Based to Container-Based Installation

instana containerize

Please create a backup of your data.

This command is only needed the first time to migrate from a package-based to a container-based install.

The following steps are executed automatically:

  1. Check for docker to be available
  2. Stop Instana
  3. Remove packages
  4. Download Docker Images
  5. Start Instana

Upgrade Your Container-Based Installation

Please use your appropriate package manager command to update to the desired package version eg.

sudo apt-get instana-console

to get the latest version or

sudo apt-get instana-console=192-2

To grab a specific version

Update Your Container-Based Installation

This will update your container configuration based on the current [settings.hcl] and will be pinned to the version of instana-console deployed. If you wish to upgrade, please use the upgrade method prior to running the update.

instana update

Configure your current installation or update to the latest version (if available).

Clean up old docker images

instana images prune

Remove older versions of Instana docker images

Initialize/Reset Installation

instana init

Initialize your installation and delete all existing data.

Configure Default Admin User

instana configure admin

Create or reset your admin user.

Reset Authentication Provider

instana configure reset IDP
instana configure reset LDAP

Reset your authentication provider.

Stop All Components

instana stop

Stop all of the components of the backend setup (for automation, you can use the -y parameter to proceed without verification).

Start All Components

instana start

Start all the components of the backend setup (for automation, you can use the -y parameter to proceed without verification).

Create a Template for the settings.hcl File

instana settings template

Create the settings.hcl file with default (empty) values. Creates the file in the directory where you run this command.

Validate settings.hcl File

instana settings validate

Validate the existing settings.hcl file.


instana help

Display help.

Version of Instana

instana version

Display the current running version of Instana.

Change to the New Repository

1. Install the Instana Package


As root, execute the following lines:

echo "deb [arch=amd64] generic main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/instana-product.list
wget -qO - "" | apt-key add -
apt-get update


As root, execute the following lines:

cat >/etc/yum.repos.d/Instana-Product.repo <<EOF
yum makecache -y fast