Setup and Manage Instana

Monitor your stack with Instana

For information on how to install the Instana agents, refer to:

  • the Host Agent documentation covers installing the host agent on a Virtual Machine (VM), a physical host, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, VMware Tanzu and similar platforms.
  • the Cloud Service Agents documentation covers monitoring services managed by Cloud providers, like Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) or Azure subscriptions.
  • the Serverless Agents documentation covers monitoring AWS Lambda and, in the future, other Serverless platforms.
  • the Web and Mobile Agents documentation covers monitoring web sites and mobile applications.

Install a Self-Hosted (aka. on-prem) Instana Backend

For information on how to install a self-hosted (aka. on-prem) Instana backend, refer to the Self-Hosted Instana documentation.

Administrate an Instana Tenant

For information on how to administrate your Instana Tenant, for example in terms of onboarding users, manager API and Agent keys and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), refer to the Administrate Instana documentation.