Endpoints and Keys

Instana is available as a SaaS solution hosted in multiple public clouds like AWS and Google Cloud, or self-hosted. This means that there are multiple addresses for data ingress to which agent technology like the host agent or the serverless agents report.

Agent Key

The agent key is being used to create a relation between the monitoring agent and the environment it belongs to. Several installation methods of the host-agent like the one-liner for Linux machines use the agent key as an authentication method which grants the executing machine access to the downloadable artifact. The agent key also grants permission to ingest data for a specific environment.

The agent key can be found by clicking on Deploy Agent within the Instana user interfaces' landing page.

Monitoring ingress endpoints

The ingress endpoint for monitoring technologies depends on the type of data being ingested, and where the installation is located:

Region Type Host Port
AWS Europe Host & Cloud Service Agents ingress-blue-saas.instana.io 443
AWS Europe Serverless Agents serverless-blue-saas.instana.io 443
AWS Europe Website & Mobile App Agents eum-blue-saas.instana.io 443
AWS US Host & Cloud Service Agents ingress-red-saas.instana.io 443
AWS US Serverless Agents serverless-red-saas.instana.io 443
AWS US Website & Mobile App Agents eum-red-saas.instana.io 443
GCP Europe Host & Cloud Service Agents ingress-green-saas.instana.io 443
GCP Europe Serverless Agents serverless-green-saas.instana.io 443
GCP Europe Website & Mobile App Agents eum-green-saas.instana.io 443
GCP US Host & Cloud Service Agents ingress-orange-saas.instana.io 443
GCP US Serverless Agents serverless-orange-saas.instana.io 443
GCP US Website & Mobile App Agents eum-orange-saas.instana.io 443
Global Website JavaScript Agent Download eum.instana.io 443