Changelog for OpenShift YAML file

2021-01-26 - **Version 1.2.1 **

  • Introduce dangling anchors in the YAML file to prevent end users from pushing malformed or incomplete YAMLs to their clusters; replace the anchors with the actual values, or provide an addition to the document where the anchors are specified (neat for automation!)
  • Remove out-of-the-box nodeSelector, now the Instana agent will be installed on all OpenShift nodes.
  • Automatically assign the privileged Security Context Constraint to the instana-agent service account, so that no separate oc adm policy add-scc-to-user privileged -z instana-agent is required any loger; also, this allows us to ...
  • Add via YAML the instana-agent namespace. For clusters where the namespace was created manually, executing oc apply -f instana-agent.yaml will therefore result in the following benign warning:

    $ oc apply -f instana-agent.yaml
    Warning: oc apply should be used on resource created by either oc create --save-config or oc apply
  • Removed hard-coded heap sizing for the Instana agent JVM via the JAVA_OPTS environment variable, which caused oversights in which adding more memory to the container did not result in the Instana agent overcoming memory issues.

2020-10-23 - Version 1.0.33

  • Use dnsPolicy: ClusterFirstWithHostNet in the DaemonSet template spec as this should be the default for pods with hostNetwork: true according to this Kubernetes documentation

2020-10-13 - Version 1.0.32

  • Update version to match helm chart. No visible changes.

2020-10-08 - Version 1.0.31

  • Update version to match helm chart. No visible changes.

2020-08-17 - Version 1.0.30

  • Update the ClusterRole to add persistentvolumes and persistentvolumeclaims to the list of resources in the core apiGroup

2020-07-16 - Version 1.0.29

  • Update version to match helm chart. No visible changes.

2020-04-28 - Version 1.0.28

  • Update the ClusterRole to add cronjobs to the list of resources in the batch apiGroup

2020-04-15 - Version 1.0.27

  • Update the ClusterRole to add daemonsets and statefulsets to the list of resources in the apps apiGroup
  • Update the ClusterRole to add a new apiGroup for ingresses (available since Kubernetes v1.14) as it will be completely removed from the extensions apiGroup in Kubernetes v1.22

2020-03-25 - Version 1.0.26

  • Add specific health check for leader elector sidecar to improve reliability of Kubernetes monitoring
  • Add label to all resources
  • Change name and app labels to more standard label
  • Rename various resources:

    • Rename ConfigMap from instana-configuration to instana-agent
    • Rename ClusterRole from instana-agent-role to instana-agent
    • Rename ClusterRoleBinding from instana-agent-role-binding to instana-agent
    • Rename ServiceAccount from instana-admin to instana-agent
    • Rename Secret from instana-agent-secret to instana-agent
  • Add ServiceAccount as a resource (previously it was created via command line)

2020-03-25 - Version 1.0.25

  • No changes

2020-03-18 - Version 1.0.24

  • Add label to ClusterRole and DaemonSet resources, corresponding to equivalent helm chart 1.0.24.


  • Increase liveness probe initial delay to 5 minutes, period to 10 seconds (the default), and timeout to 3 seconds to improve agent stability on very heavily loaded nodes.


  • Add the POD_IP environment variable to the instana-agent container to ensure that the agent will bind to that address instead of trying to detect a public IP address.


  • Remove specification of host in the livenessProbe for both the instana-agent and instana-agent-leader-elector containers as we would like to explore other options.


  • Mount /var/lib/containers/storage in the DaemonSet for CRI-O support.
  • Specify host in the livenessProbe for both the instana-agent and instana-agent-leader-elector containers.


  • Use serviceAccountName instead of the deprecated serviceAccount within apps.v1.DaemonSetSpec.template.spec. This has been deprecated at least since k8s 1.10
  • [Fix] Ensure that the required field selector is set on apps.v1.DaemonSetSpec


  • Update DaemonSet to use apiVersion apps/v1 instead of the deprecated and soon to be removed extensions/v1beta1.


  • instana/leader-elector version increased from 0.5.1 to 0.5.4.


  • Added /run as a default container mount.


  • Added containerPort to agent daemonset.


  • Added INSTANA_AGENT_POD_NAME UID as leader election.


  • Added the apps apiGroup.
  • Added the patch permission for endpoints.


  • Added all possible matcher modes for secrets.


  • Updated mountPath from /var/run/docker.sock to var/run.