Installing the Host Agent on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

To install and configure the Instana agent as a Daemonset within your Kubernetes cluster, you need to customize the Instana agent daemonset.yaml file.

The Instana agent daemonset.yaml creates the instana-agent namespace in which the DaemonSet is created. This enables you to tag agents to quickly identify them, to stop them, or to to delete the instana-agent namespace.

  1. Sign in to Instana and click More -> Agents -> Instana agent installation -> *AWS.
  2. From the Technology list, select Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS).
  3. Enter the cluster name and (optionally) the agent zone.

    Parameter Description
    Cluster name (INSTANA_KUBERNETES_CLUSTER_NAME) Used to customize the zone grouping displayed on the infrastructure map. It also sets the default name of the cluster.
    Agent zone (INSTANA_ZONE) The customised name of the cluster monitored by this daemonset.

    All of the other required parameters are pre-populated.

  4. Click Download.
  5. To start it through kubectl, run the following command:
kubectl apply -f instana-agent.yaml

Note: Any additional edits you make to the instana-agent.yaml file, require that the DaemonSet is recreated. To apply changes, run the following commands:

kubectl delete -f instana-agent.yaml
kubectl apply -f instana-agent.yaml

Additional Kubernetes configuration

For information about additional Kubernetes configuration, see the following sections in our Kubernetes docs: