End User Experience Monitoring

Optimize user experience with detailed browser performance data correlated to backend performance

Illuminate Every Path

Automatically Gather All Relevant Information

Automated capture and correlation of every browser request and backend request ensures you are never without all of the relevant information to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

Thrill Your Customers

Achieve a new level of customer experience. Instana automatically informs you when problems happen whether in the browser, the Application or the data center.

Optimize Application Performance

Quickly identify performance hotspots and errors (with root cause) with Instana’s real-time curated EUM dashboards.

Illuminate Every Path

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Contextualize Your Customer’s Experience

Take Your End User Experience Up a Notch

Use Comprehensive browser performance data, complete with the context needed to identify performance patterns for page views, resources, HTTP requests, etc. so that you can optimize code from the frontend browser to the backend server.

Answer Your Most Pressing Questions

Use high cardinality data (i.e., user id’s, email addresses, usernames) to answer any question you have about user experience with full context of all activities. From solving problems to optimizing experience, solve real issues without wasting valuable time.

Enhance Your Website Understanding with One Solution

Instana delivers all data available on the network tab of browser-side developers tools, including historical analysis, for every user request delivering the most comprehensive data set for performance analysis over time.

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Resolve Issues Faster

High Cardinality: See What Your Customer Sees

Get right to the root cause of any end-user issue. With a record of every user request, you have access to specific end-user data so customer support and tech support always have the information needed to troubleshoot any issue.

Take Intelligent Action With The Necessary Context

Instana correlates all front-end data (including high cardinality data) with backend traces to immediately identify the root cause of any poor performing request, regardless of where the issue originated.

Find The Details Needed To Resolve Issues Fast

Instana’s Unbounded Analytics engine allows end-user requests to be analyzed from any perspective, tying together traces, metrics, and profiles. Thus, all data about the request (whether from Instana automation or open source) is available so you can easily filter to analyze the exact request and quickly resolve any issue.

Expansive Coverage of Observability and Monitoring Use Cases

Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform enables Dev+Ops teams to immediately get to the root cause of any issue, service degradation, or end-user impact.

Enterprise Observability empowers you to understand the context of what’s being observed and take intelligent actions. With the most complete data set and full contextual correlation, Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform is the easiest way to optimize your systems.

Instana Technology in Action!!!

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