Automatic End User Monitoring (For Free!)

Unbounded Analytics™ of browser requests automatically correlated to microservice performance.

Take Your End User Monitoring Up a Notch to Ensure Awe-Inspiring Customer Experiences
  1. Infinitely flexible, yet instinctively easy to analyze every end user request
  1. Illuminate every path and every browser request in chronological order for any user
  1. See the big picture and quickly click between browser requests and back-end trace

Root Cause Analysis in Minutes


Every end user request is correlated with backend server-side traces so you can immediately identify the root cause of any poor performing request regardless of whether it’s on the browser or server side.


Collect user id’s, email addresses, and usernames so that you can see all activity in chronological order for any user and uncover the exact path that led to the issue.

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Be a Root Cause Hero

Every request from every user correlated from browser to server for immediate root cause identification.

Optimize Performance

The most powerful application performance analytics ever – optimize code from the frontend browser to the backend server.

Thrill Your Customers

Achieve a new level of customer satisfaction – instantly know when problems happen on the browser, in the App or the data center.

Optimize Application Performance Like a Boss


All requests are analyzed in real time to populate curated EUM dashboards making it easy to identify poor performance, errors, and their root cause.


Unbounded Analytics deliver infinite flexibility to generate new insights from the entire repository of page views, resources, HTTP requests, and Javascript errors.


Enrich the default EUM data with metadata tags to extend Instana’s exceptional filtering and grouping capabilities.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences


Capture every browser request, in profound detail, to understand exactly what your customer is experiencing.


Every browser trace contains page load, resources, http requests, and JavaScript errors so you can quickly understand the exact conditions that resulted in problems for your customers.


Familiar with “Developer Tools”? Instana historically records the same type of information for every user request so the actual end user network troubleshooting data is always available.


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