Continuous Visibility into Your Containers

Instana helps you manage application performance for containerized environments. Service quality is monitored by continuously discovering the containers, the technology running within them, as well as your applications/services running across your containers to give you full situational awareness of the running environment. All dependencies between containers, technology components and service requests are dynamically mapped. Your service quality and tech stack health are automatically monitored.

Map and Discover Container Technology Stack(s)

See stack / container interactions with automatic technology stack discovery and dependency mapping between containerized application components.

Automatically Monitor Technology Stack Health

Automatically Monitor Technology Stack Health

Automatic realtime container and tech stack health analysis provides technology component and container health scores, summary dashboards and anomaly detection out of the box: no configuration, no threshold setting and no expertise required.

Understand Impact of Container Allocations in 3 Seconds

With 1-second metric granularity and real-time event detection, you can pinpoint service quality problems caused by new code deployments within seconds.


Deep Visibility of Full Technology Stack

Automatically monitor technology components, middleware and code running in your containers. Trace every request to see how services, frameworks, containers and hosts performed across the system.

Monitor and Understand Service Quality

Monitor application performance down to the container / component level. Visualize service dependencies, transaction rates, errors, changes and other events with 1 second granularity.

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