Infrastructure and Full Stack Monitoring

Take control of your complex environments with a complete understanding of the health of your infrastructure

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Stay Continuously Up To Date

Capture Each Component, Container, Or Orchestrator As They’re Deployed

Automatic continuous discovery and monitoring of all infrastructure components ensure full-stack accuracy at all times, no configuration or coding required.

Full-Stack Cloud and Infrastructure Monitoring

Stream Processing with 1 Second Metric Granularity

Real-time automated infrastructure monitoring with 1-second metric granularity provides all the data needed to understand the quality and performance of your infrastructure.

Visualize Every Aspect Of Your Application Infrastructure

Get complete observability and understanding through automatic identification and visualization of all relational dependencies between cloud, infrastructure, kubernetes, container and application entities

Stay Continuously Up To Date

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Understand How Cloud, Infrastructure and Applications Work Together

Break Down Application and Infrastructure Information Silos

Instana’s Context Guide™ exposes all inter-dependencies between cloud, infrastructure, and application components. Operators can immediately understand the upstream and downstream dependencies whenever an application or component has an issue.

Quickly Sort and Organize Every Component

Instana provides an always accurate overview of all monitored systems with automatic tag and label correlation that enriches the monitoring data with the necessary context for your teams to easily manage your infrastructure.

Entity Comparison Table

Quickly identify application components that are critical to application/service performance. Sort by CPU usage, Memory Consumption, and compare metrics over time to easily discern if new changes or deployments are improving or degrading performance.

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Eliminate Performance Sapping Spikes

Ensure a Healthy Environment

Instana quickly identifies whether a service incident is caused by an issue with the infrastructure, orchestrator, container run-time, cloud platform or code - directing your teams directly to the root cause of any issue.

Real-Time Full-Stack Correlation

Automatic correlation of all performance, event, and configuration information from the full stack (cloud, infrastructure, Kubernetes, and services) enables your teams to take immediate, intelligent action regardless of where an issue occurs.

Expansive Coverage of Observability and Monitoring Use Cases

Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform enables Dev+Ops teams to immediately get to the root cause of any issue, service degradation, or end-user impact.

Enterprise Observability empowers you to understand the context of what’s being observed and take intelligent actions. With the most complete data set and full contextual correlation, Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform is the easiest way to optimize your systems.

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