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Automatic, Continuous Discovery of Your Full Application Stack

Automatic Continuous Discovery of Your Full Application Stack
  • A single, lightweight agent per host continually discovers all components and deploys sensors crafted to monitor each technology
  • With no human intervention, sensors automatically collect configuration, changes, metrics, and events
  • Metrics from all components are collected in high fidelity with 1 second data granularity
  • Every request is traced across each microservice, automatically capturing the response time and context. No sampling, no partial traces
  • To understand how a system of services works together and the impact of component failure, Instana enhances traces with information about the underlying service, application, and system infrastructure using our Dynamic Graph

Build a Dependency Map for Real-Time Performance Analysis

Build a Dependency Map for Real Time Performance Analysis
  • All gathered data is organized into dependency relationships in our custom data store, the Dynamic Graph, continuously modeling your services and infrastructure
  • Every discovered component becomes a node in the graph that captures its state and includes metric data, configuration, dependencies, and component health
  • Continuous discovery defines the evolving dependency chain of the Dynamic Graph enabling both temporal and spatial deterministic analysis

Gain an Immediate and Exact Understanding of Performance

Automatic Continuous Discovery of Your Full Application Stack
  • Stream processing is used to analyze incoming data in real-time, uncovering service issues and creating “Incidents” nearly instantaneously
  • Every component’s health is determined by applying machine learning and preset health rules. “Issues” are created for any unhealthy component, while Incidents are only raised when end users are impacted
  • An Incident is a ‘root cause report’ with a correlated sequence of Events and Issues identifying the exact source of the problem
  • Incidents include metrics, traces, exceptions, logged errors, and configuration data correlated via the Dynamic Graph to facilitate root cause analysis

Optimize Performance with Unbounded Analytics™

Automatic Continuous Discovery of Your Full Application Stack
  • Unbounded Analytics is an analysis capability covering all of the browser and backend trace details collected by Instana
  • Filter every aspect of your data in an unlimited combination of ways, discovering performance outliers, problem patterns, or uniquely tagged traces
  • Some problems require more effort and sleuthing to solve. All Traces (remember, Instana doesn’t sample) are available to help you find the needle in the haystack

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