Instana for DevOps

Automated monitoring and real time application insights

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Automatic Application Performance Analysis

Minimize the Business Impact of Poor Application Performance

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Provide a fast and flawless user experience by understanding the end to end performance of every user request

Capture a distributed trace of every user request across every service

Analyze high fidelity metrics for all components in your software stack

Use AI techniques to identify and resolve performance issues in minutes

Zero-effort understanding of every service’s health and availability


Know where your performance issues are, quickly determine the health of your underlying infrastructure to maximize performance and availability


Investigate performance regressions and outages powered by AutoTrace and Application Perspectives, for fast remediation


Identify 100% of your outliers with stream based analytics engine and no-sample distributed tracing so you immediately have the data you need to resolve issues


Accelerate your delivery pipeline with automatic observability, monitoring, and analysis


Services and their endpoints are automatically discovered with zero-configuration and zero-code changes so you’ll never deploy un-monitored services again


Trace every request end-to-end without ever needing to add tracing calls to your source code


Understand the impact of code changes within seconds of deployment to maintain high performance and service stability no matter how often you deploy


Gain immediate expertise in any new technology


Our supported technologies sensors (over 100 and counting) each come with their own set of health rules and alerts built-in so you don’t need to waste valuable time on configuration.


Instana automatically understands good and bad patterns for each monitored metric across every technology so you’ll be alerted to issues in real-time.


Instana manages alerting and root cause analysis so you immediately understand service impacts and outages.


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