Instana for SREs

Powerful Troubleshooting and Application Performance Optimization

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Automatic Application Performance Analysis

Minimize the Business Impact of Poor Application Performance

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Provide a fast and flawless user experience by understanding the end to end performance of every user request

Capture a distributed trace of every user request across every service

Analyze high fidelity metrics for all components in your software stack

Use AI techniques to identify and resolve performance issues in minutes

Identify and remove every bottleneck


Understand the end-to-end flow and performance of all requests collectively or individually to quickly isolate performance bottlenecks

Identify and remove every bottleneck-01

Quickly identify the worst performing services, Instana highlights services in need of attention helping to prioritize remediation efforts


Real-time performance dashboards for every endpoint allow you to identify and optimize your worst performing API calls


Troubleshoot end-to-end applications or a single service


Eliminate the noise of hundreds or thousand of other services so you can focus on the performance and optimization of the services you support


Get full visibility into every request and service interaction, end-to-end, to immediately identify problematic service calls


Focus on a single service to understand the volume, performance, and error rate of all requests (in and out)


Quickly and easily identify optimization opportunities


Easily identify and analyze slow requests with click to drill-down capability, maintaining service quality and user experience


Analyze the entire trace repository in a few clicks without the need to learn yet another data query language


Focus your optimization analysis on the applications or services you care about most with a simple mouse click


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