Building, Delivering & Operating Better Code Faster

February 05, 2020
Reliability, repeatability, and speed are the underlying principles that must be mastered to successfully achieve DevOps transformation. Agile development feeding a CI/CD pipeline is only the initial step. Without accurate monitoring providing stabilizing feedback, speed can quickly turn into chaos. The only way to keep monitoring in synchronization with rapid deployments is automation.
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Instana Webinar – Gene Kim

Lessons from The Unicorn Project – Featuring Gene Kim

January 13, 2020
Gene Kim and Pavlo Baron discuss the challenges organizations face when adopting the Five Ideals, and how value stream mapping can help businesses understand where their efforts will result in the best return. 
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Monitoring Kubernetes and OpenShift with Instana

Monitoring Kubernetes and OpenShift with Instana

January 03, 2020
Learn how Instana helps you immediately understand and manage your application performance on Kubernetes and OpenShift.
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Monitoring Golden Signals

Monitoring the Golden Signals for Kubernetes

December 17, 2019
Kubernetes is complex. This is further compounded by the complexity of microservice architecture and continuous delivery. And with the exhaustive list of metrics to monitor, how do you decide which are best?
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ExaVault Blog

How ExaVault Reduces Downtime and Improves Customer Experience

October 16, 2019
Hear how ExaVault reduces downtime and improves customer experience with Instana.
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Beyond Observability with Humio and Instana

October 16, 2019
Why automated monitoring and real-time logging are critical to effectively manage modern applications and distributed systems.
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Live Webinar

The Best Cloud Foundry Monitoring You’ve Ever Seen

September 23, 2019
One Tile. One Click. One Time.
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Demystifying Distributed Applications

September 19, 2019
How distributed tracing, metrics, and logs have helped Single Music tackle the complexity of event-driven micro-service applications, find problems (before their customers do), with only a handful of engineers.
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The Cybernetics of Observability and Monitoring

September 18, 2019
What is Observability and how does it compare and contrast to Monitoring?
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