Microservices Monitoring

Instana Enterprise Observability Platform Automates Application Discovery, Monitoring, Tracing and Root Cause Analysis

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Full Technology Stack Discovery and Mapping

Automatic Microservice Discovery

Automatic discovery of application services, platforms, and infrastructure, including configuration and dependencies. Real-time change detection of newly deployed and updated elements.

Full-Stack Cloud and Infrastructure Monitoring

Real-time Service / Microservices Mapping

Automatically detect and map all service dependencies, monitoring for performance and issues, even upstream and downstream.

Full Technology Stack Discovery and Mapping

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Fully Automatic Observability and Microservice Application Monitoring

Automatic Observability and Monitoring - No Touch. No Config. No Restart

Monitor each and every microservice without changing code or platform configuration. Full observability, monitoring, and tracing happen automatically - you touch nothing (not even a re-start).

Zero-touch APM configuration and setup

Automated Alerting and Root Cause Analysis

Automatic detection and correlation of events, issues, and service incidents, coupled with automatic identification of each incident’s likely root cause - the result is the fastest time to remediation.

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End-to-End Distributed Microservices Tracing and Analytics

Trace Every Distributed Transaction / Request

Trace every application request end-to-end across all microservices (including stack traces, payloads, and query details)

Correlated Analysis of all Observability Data - metrics, events, traces and profiles

All-inclusive analytics operates on Instana’s complete data set, with no limits. See the data you want and the data you need - whenever you need it.

Expansive Coverage of Observability and Monitoring Use Cases

Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform enables Dev+Ops teams to immediately get to the root cause of any issue, service degradation, or end-user impact.

Enterprise Observability empowers you to understand the context of what’s being observed and take intelligent actions. With the most complete data set and full contextual correlation, Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform is the easiest way to optimize your systems.

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