Observability and Application Monitoring for IT Managers and Executives

Full-Automatic Configuration and Monitoring, Global Support and Troubleshooting

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Become the model of efficiency for application delivery with the only fully automated application performance monitoring solution on the planet.

Become the Model of IT Efficiency

Maximum Visibility with Minimum Effort

Complete automation of the entire monitoring lifecycle - discovery, mapping, setup, instrumentation, monitoring, alerting, tracing - even root cause analysis and profiling

Keep Focused on What’s Important - Collectively and Individually

Easily filter out the noise of thousands of service calls that are superfluous to a specific application, service, transaction or identified problem. Focus on all the components impacted by a specific service - and ONLY those items that are dependent on that particular component.

Become the Model of IT Efficiency

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Maximize the ROI of Your IT Technology and People Investments

Optimize performance of Applications, Services and Infrastructure

Automated identification of application bottlenecks and opportunities for performance improvement across the entire stack, from profiling every process and tracing every request to mapping the entirety of the application infrastructure

Get Immediate Feedback on Any and Every Update

Extremely high fidelity metrics provide real-time deployment detection and confirmation of expected behavior in seconds - whether the new deployment is application code, a service platform or part of the infrastructure.

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Plan for the Future - Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Keep Platform and Technology Decisions as Open as Possible

Manage practically anything - automatically! From code visibility of 12 languages to 150+ technologies with platform support all the way up to Kubernetes and z/OS, your design, architecture and development teams have the ability to choose the best possible technology for the job.

Monitor Any Cloud, Language, Infrastructure and Run-Time Technology

Avoid Vendor Lock-In with Open APIs and Support for Open Source

Get the best of both worlds: Instana’s automatic monitoring and tracing works with minimal effort, while out of the box support for open-source protocols opens the possibilities of providing additional freedom to application owners.

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