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In today's highly dynamic and intricate cloud environments, even a single hour of downtime can cost upwards of six figures1. Traditional application performance monitoring (APM) tools fall short in terms of speed and depth, often failing to contextualize the issues they detect. Additionally, these tools are usually restricted to expert users who require months of training to operate them effectively. IBM Instana Observability is designed to breaks the mold of traditional APM solutions by democratizing observability. Instana provides continuous high-fidelity data automatically, with 1-second granularity and end-to-end traces that is designed to offer insight into logical and physical dependencies across mobile, web, applications, and infrastructure requiring less time and training to get started.

Discover the top reasons why people choose Instana for their observability needs!

End -to-End Automatic observability

  • Instana enhance the resolution of issues faster with our cutting edge capabilities of automatic discovery and auto-tracing.
  • Proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they escalate, benefitting from a holistic view of your application infrastructure. Achieve comprehensive insight by mapping, monitoring, and tracing every production application across diverse cloud environments.
Automatic Continuous Discovery of Your Full Application Stack

Democratize observability

  • Navigating through the complexities of modernization can be challenging. However, observability should be effortless, straightforward, and applicable across various technology stacks.
  • Instana simplifies the process by eliminating the need for advanced skill sets and offering transparent pricing, making it accessible to all teams. Empower your teams with AI-powered observability, enabling them to operate with greater efficiency and proactivity.
Build a Dependency Map for Real Time Performance Analysis

No vendor lock-in

  • Receive reliable support for your open-source platform without the concern of vendor lock-in.
  • Instana enhance the capabilities of your open-telemetry platform with our sensor integration, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis. Enjoy the flexibility of vendor-agnostic OTEL telemetry while benefiting from the value-added services provided by Instana’s advanced Real-Time Observability platform.
Gain an Immediate and Exact Understanding of Performance

Simple Pricing

  • Experience the best of both worlds with Instana’s simple and transparent pricing structure. Unlock the full value of our platform while enjoying significant cost savings. Say goodbye to unexpected price hikes due to increased site traffic, as we ensure transparency throughout.
  • Instana delivers unparalleled value and empowers you with comprehensive capabilities, all at a fraction of the cost compared to other solutions in the market. With our pricing model, you can maximize the power of our platform without compromising your budget.
Optimize Performance with Unbounded Analytics

IBM Instana named a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability

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Automatic Application Mapping

AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Data Model

Speed of Data Collection

Data Storage

Integration into Enterprise Legacy Applications

Continuous Code-Level Visibility

Service-Level Objective (SLO) Monitoring

Code Profiling and Performance Optimization

Synthetic Monitoring

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Instana named Leader in APM

IBM Instana is a leader, in the Spring 2023 Application Performance Monitoring Grid Report by G2. The rating showcase instana advantage as modern observability platform, which democratize data to anyone and everyone for increased productive and innovation for your team.

Instana brings us the status of the entire architecture on one screen. Gone are the days we had to log into the server box and check the java process, heap space, garbage collection stats, or whatever. We got to remember that all these require some additional settings too. But now, for us in our organisation, the entire responsibility is owned by Instana. Forgot to mention this has API monitoring too. There are many more advantages of using this tool, which helps us debug live customer issues and ensure system stability.

stars 5/5

Ease of Usage is very simple and the co-relation of alerts with downstream services which helps us to reduce the MTTR and improve MTTI. Also, they have very nicely managed documentation which makes the integration very easy. They have the best Automatic Root Cause Analysis of Microservices to give us a deeper insight into the complex environment that we have.

stars 5/5

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