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Monitoring Monoliths to Microservices at the Speed of CI/CD

Join us for PizzaOps to discover how you can monitor with confidence.

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    What is PizzaOps?
    PizzaOps is our digital version of a lunch & learn. No need to leave your desk, we’ll gather remotely via the interwebs. In this session, we will be covering the role that monitoring plays in CI/CD.

    As more companies adopt DevOps to increase their release frequency, everything gets faster. That’s why so many parts of CI/CD are automated. But what about monitoring?

    When is it?
    Thursday, October 10th, 2019 at 12 PM PT

    Where do I need to be?
    Stay seated! PizzaOps takes place at your own desk.

    What will I get?
    Free pizza and the tools you’ll need to build better software faster.

    What will I learn?
    – How the CI/CD process creates application monitoring challenges
    – Why automatic monitoring is required to achieve successful CI/CD
    – Why manual processes, especially monitoring, slows down the entire pipeline