Instana Adds Automatic Python Instrumentation and Tracing

Company’s Automatic APM Solution First to Automatically Trace Python Applications

San Mateo, CA and Solingen, Germany – November 15, 2018 – Instana, the first monitoring solution to fully automate all aspects of application performance monitoring (APM), today became the first APM solution to provide automated zero-touch instrumentation for Python application and service visibility. Instana’s AutoTrace™ technology has been extended to Python to automatically trace distributed application requests through Python services.

“Application monitoring is no longer just about visibility into one or two programming languages,” said Fabian Lange, co-founder and VP of Engineering at Instana. “Instana’s goal is to take the instrumentation burden off of developers creating microservices using a polyglot of languages so they can focus on coding their business logic. AutoTrace further enhances monitoring automation to provide a zero-touch method of gathering traces for every single application request.”

Automatic monitoring allows DevOps to optimize their application and service delivery, ultimately increasing their CI/CD speed. Instana’s Automatic APM solution for dynamic applications automates the full management lifecycle of critical business applications, especially those running in cloud, containers, microservices or serverless environments. Instana’s solution automatically monitors, visualizes and understands application performance for dynamic containerized microservice applications.

Instana’s release now makes automatic instrumentation available for Python, Java, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure, .NET and PHP, enabling 100% zero touch visibility into these languages. To instrument in Ruby, Crystal, Go and Node.js, users simply add 1 line of code. After instrumentation is enabled, AutoTrace takes over, tracing every request across the entire application – service to service, platform to platform – and analyzed to give actionable information needed to solve application performance issues.

“Automating monitoring results in a strong ROI, especially for organizations that embrace CI/CD, where it’s critical to keep the process flowing smoothly,” said Pete Abrams, Instana COO. “Manually configuring code instrumentation or having developers write monitoring code is time consuming and takes developers away from their primary mission of building new business services. That’s why Instana continues to invest in automation technology.”

Instana’s automatic Python code instrumentation is available today at where users can try the solution free for a limited time.


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