Instana Releases First Solution to Automatically Analyze Traces from Any Source, Including Jaeger and Zipkin

Instana Automatically Correlates OpenSource Traces with Built-in AutoTrace™ Solution and Provides Deeper Analysis with Trace Analyzer

San Mateo, CA and Solingen, Germany – December 6, 2018 – Instana, the first monitoring solution to fully automate all aspects of application performance monitoring (APM), today announced the release of a new capability to seamlessly ingest tracing data from all the opensource material alongside any automatic traces. Instana’s AutoTrace™ is the first and only tracing technology that automatically captures and traces every user request across any language and microservice technology.

Through the release of the company’s AutoTrace and Trace Analyer capabilities Instana has revolutionized the way DevOps can use Tracing technology to improve CI/CD. This correlated tracing enables any constituent to visualize and analyze application performance according to their needs. Developers get the extreme detail view, along with analysis tools, to debug issues. Simultaneously, SREs and Ops team members get the overarching application performance visibility they need to assure business operations.

Instana’s automatic APM solution for dynamic applications is unique in its ability to automate every step of the application monitoring lifecycle, from monitoring deployment to application discovery and monitoring. Instana’s AutoTrace feature extends this automation to tracing, automatically capturing an end-to-end trace of every single application request.

Instana’s Trace Analyzer combines and correlates data from individual traces and analyzes them together, searching for patterns to help improve performance and scalability. Users can use Trace Analyzer to optimize overall performance, locate and eliminate bottlenecks or solve production application performance issues or outages. All of Instana’s Trace analysis capabilities have the ability to include not just Instana’s AutoTrace data, but also data from all tracing sources, including OpenTracing, Jaeger and Zipkin.

“As DevOps teams are adopting containers and kubernetes, the initial approach to understanding application performance is for developers to build their own tracing using OpenTracing and Jaeger. But as the number of microservices start to grow, this approach does not scale well and takes too much effort,” said Pete Abrams. “We wanted to offer a way to repurpose those initial efforts yet seamlessly align those traces with our automatic tracing approach powered by our AutoTrace technology.”

Instana’s new trace ingestion capability supports Jaeger, Zipkin, OpenCensus, and OpenTracing. Instana captures every trace from any source which are then automatically analyzed by Instana’s AI powered APM. DevOps teams no longer need to worry about their storage model, their analysis or alerting strategies. This is all handled automatically saving DevOps teams copious amounts of time and effort.


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