Yahoo Japan’s US Subsidiary Actapio Selects Instana to Advance Monitoring Capabilities in Upgrade to Hybrid On-Premise Infrastructure

US-based Subsidiary of Yahoo Japan Corporation To Use Performance Monitoring to Ensure New Applications and Services Meet Performance Requirements (to enable the CI/CD acceleration)

KubeCon in Copenhagen, Denmark – May 1, 2018 – Actapio, Yahoo Japan Corporation’s US subsidiary, has selected Instana as the monitoring solution for their hybrid environments consisting of multiple Kubernetes clusters and traditional infrastructure technologies including OpenStack.

“Delivering new application functionality is critical to the continued success of Yahoo Japan,” said Norifumi Matsuya, President & CEO of Actapio in charge of cloud infrastructure engineering. “Our goal is to build the infrastructure and tools to enable our engineers to seamlessly deliver, yet precisely manage performance of, new services.”

The Actapio team realized in 2016 that Kubernetes was the best technology for enabling rapid deployment of code into production and generally modernizing their data center operations. The goal was to build an infrastructure to enable a full CI/CD pipeline with canary testing and immediate roll out/roll back capabilities. But in order to manage quality at scale, they had to empower their developers with immediate data and information about performance. After exploring all their options, the Actapio team decided on Instana to provide performance monitoring.

“Actapio wanted a monitoring solution that could work at scale in both our traditional infrastructure and our modern orchestrated environment to provide immediate performance data to our developers,” said Norifumi Matsuya, President and CEO of Actapio. “Not only did Instana meet our needs to support the full range of infrastructure and application technologies, they also meet our goals of zero-touch implementation and automation.“

Instana’s APM solution leverages automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically monitor, visualize and understand microservice performance for applications running in Kubernetes. The solution correlates performance and tracing data to guide developers to potential problems and corrective actions.

“We’re delighted that Actapio selected Instana as part of their modern environment,” said Instana co-founder and CTO Pavlo Baron. “Instana automates the discovery and performance understanding of microservices and visualizes their dependencies to the running infrastructure, middleware and data services. Our goal is zero-effort empowerment of developers.”

The infrastructure and Instana-driven monitoring are part of Yahoo Japan’s work to build a modern data center to support its CI/CD development goals and the company’s overall data analysis capabilities.

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