New Research Exposes the Real Cost of Building Your Own Performance Monitoring

Report from APM Experts Details Continuous Man-Hours Needed to Utilize Open Source Technology For Application Performance Monitoring

San Mateo, CA and Solingen, Germany – November 26, 2018 – Instana, the first monitoring solution to fully automate all aspects of application performance monitoring (APM), today announced the release of new research highlighting the true cost of manual application performance monitoring methods compared to automatic monitoring solutions. The new research, released by APM Experts, details that manual methodologies leveraging Open Source monitoring technology increased annual monitoring costs by as much as 500% or more.

“Building performance monitoring by hand requires continuous laborious effort from a DevOps team’s best engineers,” said Pete Abrams, Instana co-founder and COO. “The engineers must decide what to trace, figure out how to integrate tracing code and build a trace repository; then finally, they must build up service performance rules and an alerting strategy. The new APM Experts research clearly details that this continuous effort expended by DevOps engineers to create and maintain manual monitoring is hard to justify, especially when there are monitoring tools available that require zero effort.”

APM Experts breaks down the full costs incurred by DevOps teams using different monitoring solutions, including open source monitoring methods, traditional APM tools and new automated tools. Using real world data gathered by interviewing DevOps organizations, APM Experts was able to determine the fully burdened true costs of manually building and maintaining monitoring, determining the cost per application, server and even microservice.

“When we began researching the costs of manual monitoring versus automated methods, we knew there would be some differences,” said Bernd Harzog, the CEO of APM Experts. “The final results showed that not only is building your own monitoring much more costly, it becomes exponentially more expensive as applications become bigger.”

The new research comes as Instana continues to enhance its automation capabilities with new features around application discovery, infrastructure monitoring, and tracing. The company provides an automatic application performance and infrastructure monitoring solution that automates the entire monitoring process. Recent product announcements included a new AutoTrace™ capability for the Python language so that developers don’t have to write any custom tracing code, yet get full visibility into every request through their code.

“We knew that automatic monitoring was a key reason for customers selecting Instana,” continued Abrams. “APM Experts has detailed the economics to show just how much companies can save, even on small projects, by applying automation.”

Instana’s automatic Applications and Infrastructure monitoring is highlighted this week during the AWS re:Invent conference, where Instana is a Silver sponsor. The company is demonstrating the full breadth of their solution’s automation from real-time application discovery to service level monitoring, tracing and troubleshooting. Instana is also offering free cost assessments based on the APM Experts research. Visitors to booth 1204 at re:Invent can sign up for a complimentary cost assessment based on the APM Experts models. The assessment can also be requested through Instana’s website at

You can learn more about Instana’s products and download the results of the APM Experts research at


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