Instana’s Pricing is Simple and Transparent

All the Value. Half the Cost. No Surprises!

While the industry average APM solution costs $150+ per month (this doesn’t include unpredictable variable costs), Instana delivers all the value and all the power at a fraction of the cost.


Per host / Per month / Billed Annually

Deployment Options:

SaaS, On-Premises, Hybrid

A single, lightweight agent per host continually discovers all components and deploys sensors crafted to monitor each technology.

With no human intervention, sensors automatically collect metrics with 1 second granularity and a trace for every request, no sampling.

All gathered data is organized into dependency relationships, continuously modeling your services and infrastructure.

Visualize and understand the relationship between all containers and the application components. Monitor 10 containers per host.

Monitor every component of your Kubernetes and/or container orchestration.

Automated native tracing for AWS Lambda functions written in Node.js for all supported libraries and frameworks. 10 functions = 1 host.

Analyze incoming data in real-time to detect issues and their root cause. Each incident includes the root cause and all correlated events.

The context guide shows all correlated entities along with KPI spark lines and health status indicators.

Filter every aspect of your data in an unlimited combination of ways, discovering performance outliers, problem patterns, or uniquely tagged traces.

Out-of-the-box health and alerting rules can be customized to fit your business.

Get immediate feedback on every new release, deployment, and version with a full understanding of impact.

For every sensor there is a curated knowledgebase of health signatures that are constantly evaluated against the incoming metrics.

Fully customized views of applications offer targeted analytics, dashboards, and alerts for the applications you care about.

Over 200 technologies are supported out of the box, with more being added every release.

Give only the level of access that is required. Granular, customizable access control keep your data safe.

1 monitored AWS product is included.

A customer success manager is assigned to each account.

Get the support you need, when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

A host is considered to be any physical or virtual OS instance that you monitor with Instana.

No. At Instana, we believe that Infrastructure Monitoring, EUM, and Analytics are all core functions of a great APM tool. As such, everything is included in the APM licensing.

No, Instana does not believe in variable costs for our customers. All traces (unlimited), databases, users, and storage are included with the APM license.

Instana includes monitoring for 10 functions per host.

Yes. Instana is a member of CNCF and welcomes the use of many open source technologies. Instana makes it very easy for our users to see their open source traces and metrics alongside, and correlated with, Instana’s natively collected metrics and traces.

At Instana, our commitment to privacy and security has led us to successfully complete our SOC 2 requirements and audit. With this certification you have peace of mind, knowing that there has been an independent & full review of Instana’s security that verified the appropriateness in the design of controls regarding availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality of the service.

Instana bills on a per host, per month, billed annually basis.

Of course. You can try Instana for free for 14 days. Simply sign up for a free trial here.

200+ Technologies Supported

No plug-ins. No restarts.

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Success Stories from Instana's Customers

I don’t think we could have gotten to a highly distributed, container-based system like our next-gen platform without Instana.

David Merryweather
VP of Infrastructure & Site Reliability

Macmillan Learning