Automatic Quality of Service Monitoring


Automatic Discovery

Automatically, continuously and instantly discover your application’s component architecture and service flow dependencies.

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1 Second Data Granularity

Modern applications are highly dynamic which now require more precise monitoring detail to properly understand quality. Traditional tools average data over one minute thereby missing critical information. Instana collects one second resolution metrics!

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Dynamic Graph

You cannot analyse what you cannot model. Instana continuously builds a model, the Dynamic Graph, to understand your application. Zero configuration, total understanding!

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Component Health

Instana automatically manages the health of components. All changes to configuration and performance are persisted into the Dynamic Graph.

Service Health

Quality of Service management is comprehensive and automatic! Automatically derived KPIs monitor the health of your services (throughput, latency, error rate and saturation).



Explore your application from the point of view most meaningful to you. Simply click on the Infrastructure View, the Application View, component dashboards, or the Trace View for  details of code execution. Navigate between views to understand relationships between components and services.

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Instana automatically manages your entire system informing you of quality issues via detailed Incident reports. All relevant events impacting quality of service are grouped into the Incident report to assist your investigation.

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Instana allows you to shift to the specific moment an Incident occurred. All views, maps and dashboards now reflect the state of the entire system at that moment. TimeShift maximizes your understanding of the history of your application architecture.

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Every service request is traced and logged in full detail with zero configuration and zero impact to processing performance. Exact code execution details are available for root cause analysis as well as for machine learning of production code paths.

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Component Dashboards

Investigate the health of a component through a detailed dashboard with one second resolution metrics and navigate the technology stack dependencies with a single click. Dependencies are visualized on every dashboard for easy navigation.

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