6-month Limited Entitlement for Instana with Cloud Pak for Integration


Instana with Cloud Pak for Integration 2022.4.1

Gain a consistent and holistic monitoring and tracing solution for your Cloud Pak for Integration estate.

CP4I customers get 6 months of free entitlement to Instana Observability Self-Hosted

  • New customers + expansion of existing estates - One 6-month entitlement per customer - For purchases starting December 9, 2022
  • Limited to Instana Agent Sensors for integration components e.g. MQ, ACE, APIC etc.
  • Observe any product under Cloud Pak for Integration entitlement - Includes Red Hat Open Shift, stand-alone deployments in virtual machines, or bare metal.


  • Monitor Cloud Pak for Integration components consistently in the same tool
  • Trace transactions
  • Seamless user experience
  • Tracing agents pre-configured to work with containers
  • Achieve greater visibility of dynamic environment and resolve issues faster
  • Collect & store traces for 100% of application requests (no sampling or partial traces) while streaming metrics with 1-second granularity