Pragmatic Observability Podcast – Observability and Analytics

Welcome to the Pragmatic Observability Podcast - examining everything about Application Observability and Monitoring. This episode of the Pragmatic Observability Podcast features an interview with Instana Analytics Product Manager Curtis Hrischuck. Instana Observability Strategist Chris Farrell interviews with Curtis Hrischuck, Instana Senior Product Manager responsible for Instana's array of analytics capabilities. Chris and Curtis discuss
  • Definitions of Observability
  • What's the difference between Observability and APM
  • What are Instana's key Analytics capabilities to address Observability and APM needs
    • Automation
    • Contextual Insights
    • Intelligent Action
Curtis also shares some of his favorite Instana customer success stories.

Chris Farrell, Observability Strategist

Curtis Hrischuck, Sr. Product Manager