instana_openshift_white OpenShift Monitoring

OpenShift Monitoring and Performance Management

OpenShift Monitoring is an important piece of Instana’s comprehensive Container APM solution. OpenShift is a managed platform from Red Hat that is built around Kubernetes for containerized software deployment and management. It combines Kubernetes and Docker along with DevOps tools and Security capabilities for rapid enterprise application development.

OpenShift may be used in a number of ways:

  • Standalone on a developer’s laptop
  • On Red Hat’s public cloud
  • On Red Hat’s private cloud
  • On your own private cloud

OpenShift Monitoring Deployment

Instana’s OpenShift Monitoring Sensor can be deployed in any of the above environments. The Instana Agent is deployed as a Daemon Set targeted to run on selected Nodes. The Agent automatically detects all the technology stacks deployed to the Kubernetes Pods on each Node, then loads the appropriate monitoring sensors and immediately sends metric data immediately. An example YAML file is available in the documentation.

Instana’s Monitoring Installation

Start monitoring your OpenShift environments now, see the Getting Started guide.