activemq Apache ActiveMQ Monitoring

Managing and Monitoring Apache ActiveMQ

Apache ActiveMQ is an open-source message brokering server written in Java. It provides scalable, high-performance message handling on a number of protocols including JMS, REST, OpenWire, STOMP, and MQTT. ActiveMQ ensures smooth message communications through clustering and virtual memory, cache, and journal persistence. It is useful in enterprise service bus environments and can utilize Apache Zookeeper for true replication.

If deployed into an environment containing Apache ActiveMQ, the Instana agent will automatically detect that ActiveMQ is present and deploy the Active MQ Monitoring Sensor to begin monitoring its message brokering, ensuring every component in the environment is healthy and properly interacting with other systems.

ActiveMQ Performance and Configuration Metrics

Once deployed into an environment that contains ApacheMQ, Instana automatically maps out the integrated components and begins collecting performance metrics on ApacheMQ in order to ensure that smooth message brokering is maintained.

ApacheMQ performance metrics collected by Instana include:

  • Queues
  • Topics
  • Connections
  • Memory

Please see Instana’s ActiveMQ Sensor Documentation for a complete list.

Managing ActiveMQ Application Health

A healthy ActiveMQ environment means that all messages sent through ActiveMQ, whether from endpoints or applications, flows successfully through the ActiveMQ environment between different entities in the infrastructure. Instana tracks and logs this health in its Dynamic Graph with certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are unique to the monitored technology. The Dynamic Graph then persists the state changes that indicate health, slow, or failed performance and will display them on the timeline at the bottom of Instana’s UI for review. This lets developers track those changes as they occur, and provides context to issues, incidents, and events.

ActiveMQ KPIs collected by Instana include:

  • Memory Health
  • Store Health
  • Throughput

Please see Instana’s ActiveMQ Monitoring Documentation for more details.

Installing Apache AtiveMQ

Ready to start? You’ll need an Instana Trial or Account first. Already got one? The best place to begin is Instana’s Getting Started Guide.