Apache Web Server Monitoring

Managing and Monitoring Apache HTTPd Web Server

Within dynamic applications, monitoring Apache Web Server instances is critical to ensuring that overall service levels are being met. HTTPd is an open source web server, the most popular on the internet – serving 42% of the top million websites. As such, Instana application monitoring solutions automate the discovery of Apache Web Server instances, the deployment of monitoring senors and configuration of the monitoring data.

Apache Web Server Monitoring Metrics

Instana’s monitoring agent detects the presence of Apache HTTPd and the full application stack, automatically installing the appropriate Web Server monitoring sensor along with the Docker monitoring sensors and Operating System monitoring senors. The only manual step is to ensure that the server status page is enabled in Apache HTTPd. This level of automation reduces the effort required by the operations team to set up and maintain the monitoring. Rapidly start sending metric data with the minimum of work required.

Typical metrics that are tracked include:

  • Traffic (Requests, KBytes)
  • Traffic per Request
  • CPU Load
  • Connections
  • Worker Details

See the documentation for a complete list.

Apache Web Server Health Monitoring

Instana will track the metrics and health signatures of Apache HTTPd with 1-second granularity and raise an Event within 3 seconds if they go out of bounds. The use of Machine Learning applied to pattern detection together with a curated knowledge base acting on the collected raw metrics, is what makes Instana different to other monitoring solutions. The intelligence is built in, there is no need to spend time creating and maintaining numerous health rules to trigger alerts.

Configuration Changes

Instana will detect configuration changes and tack them on the timeline. See how changes to configuration affect application performance.


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