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AWS EC2 Monitoring and Management

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a central part of Amazon’s cloud computing platform, providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Different virtual private server specifications may be customized by the user and billed by the hour, minute, or second, providing a highly-elastic infrastructure framework. Monitoring EC2 instances is both difficult (since it is not technically controlled by the user) and easy (since there are several Amazon API’s designed to help get some information).

The Instana agent will automatically detect that it is running on an EC2 instance and install the AWS EC2 Monitoring Sensor.

AWS EC2 Performance and Configuration Metrics

Monitoring EC2 performance and availability isn’t as straight-forward as monitoring an on-premise (or hosted) server since EC2 instances tend to be temporary. Furthermore, we assume that the platform(s) installed on the EC2 instance will be the center of monitoring activity. Thus, Instana only keeps configuration data about EC2 instances, because these virtual machines are such blank slates, with which customers can instantiate, start, and stop server instances.

Here are a few key data points when monitoring EC2 Configuration:

  • Availability zone
  • AMI ID
  • Type
  • Security Groups

All captured metadata is indexed by Instana and is available to Dynamic Focus, allowing queries such as: entity.ec2.type:m4.xlarge AND entity.selfType:mongodb

This metadata is useful for users to see the exact state of all entities involved in any way with EC2, like focusing in on all Mongodb instances running on an m4.xlarge type like the example above.

Tracking EC2 Configuration Changes

A key part of Instana’s EC2 monitoring is the real-time identification and alerting to changes within the EC2 configuration. Instana will track configuration changes such as:

  • Availability zone
  • AMI ID
  • Security Groups

For more details, check out Instana’s official EC2 Monitoring documentation.

Instana will track any and all of these changes on the timeline, an example of which is captured in the screenshot below:

Getting Started Monitoring AWS EC2 / Installation

Ready to start? You’ll need an Instana Account or trial first. Already got one? Great. The best place to begin is Instana’s Getting Started Guide.