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Managing and Monitoring MySQL

MySQL is an open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that is also available in an enterprise edition from the Oracle Corporation. Data storage is done in tabulated rows with Structured Query Language (SQL) managing that data, and MySQL is an integral part of the open-source LAMP application stack.

After deployment into a client environment, Instana will automatically map out the entire infrastructure and identify how the different technologies are interacting with one another with its Dynamic Graph back-end model.

MySQL Performance and Configuration Metrics

MySQL’s easy deployability and usability make it a popular choice among web application environments. This also means that Instana wrote a fully automatic sensor for the Instana agent to deploy once it detects the presence of MySQL in a monitored environment. The MySQL sensor will immediately begin collecting performance and configuration metrics on that particular instance of MySQL in order to determine how well it is functioning in relation to the rest of the stack. Queries from the application to MySQL and back must go smoothly in order for the application to function efficiently. The sensor will also detect configuration changes and tack them on the timeline. This is especially useful when using MySQL data replication as switches from master to slave will be notified. However, in order to properly monitor MySQL, the Instana agent must be given the necessary credentials to access the necessary metric information. Please see our Agent Configuration documentation for more information.

Common metrics that Instana will automatically baseline MySQL performance against are as follows:

  • Type Queries
  • Slow Queries
  • Latent Queries
  • Schema Statistics

Please see Instana’s documentation for a complete list.

Managing MySQL Application Health

MySQL internal health is also automatically monitored by Instana’s agent sensor. Our Knowledge Base already knows Key Performance Indicators of a well-functioning MySQL database. These KPI’s are captured as issues and persisted into the Instana web UI, where they contribute toward a contextual, color-coded display of the database’s overall health. In the screenshot below, for example, an event was triggered because of a sudden drop in queries, as shown by the bar graph.

Some of the typical KIPs tracked for MySQL are:

  • Connection Usage
  • Connection Trend
  • Response Time

Please see Instana’s documentation for more details.

Installing Apache AtiveMQ

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