WebLogic Monitoring

WebLogic Monitoring and Performance Management

Instana WebLogic Monitoring includes the ability to monitor individual instances and clusters of WebLogic Server, as well as the application(s) running on those App Servers. Instana automatically discovers every WebLogic instance and deploys monitoring agents across the complete application stack, including OS, containers and orchestration (when applicable), the JVM, ESB and any other Java connectors, collecting both performance and health information.

WebLogic Performance and Health Monitoring

Instana WebLogic Monitoring begins with platform configuration information and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – used to determine the overall platform instance health. All dependencies between distributed application components are discovered and mapped; and transactions are traced throughout the infrastructure. Finally, Instana includes code-level visibility to help determine the root cause of problems and detect programming defects.

To help understand and control WebLogic environments, Instana applies automation and artificial intelligence to WebLogic monitoring, including predictive problem detection and AI-assisted root cause analysis. Instana reduces the need for WebLogic-specific expertise (AND Java expertise) within the operations team.

WebLogic Performance and Configuration Monitoring

Instana’s WebLogic agent sensor collects all critical metrics required to accurately understand the internal health of both the WebLogic Server instance, as well as all the applications hosted on it. In addition, by tracking WebLogic configuration data, Instana can capture any changes to the server and correlate them to relevant performance issues.

All WebLogic server performance data is displayed in a single dashboard – a “single pane of glass” for users to track the quality of their WebLogic performance, and how it affects their applications. With Instana, IT OPs and DevOps have a powerful tool for fast, easy problem solving and performance optimization.

WebLogic performance monitoring centers around those metrics that track its ability to host services and data requests from the various applications that share a web environment with it. Instana’s WebLogic sensor can automatically capture any relevant metrics. Below is a screenshot of Instana’s WebLogic monitoring dashboard:

WebLogic Monitoring Data

Tracked Configuration Metrics Health Signatures
Name Sessions & Requests Calls
Version Avg. Response Times Response Times
Port Thread Pool Error Rates
State Log Messages by Severity
Started at (time) Database Connection Pools
Web Deployments

  • Status
  • Session Timeout
  • Servlets

WebLogic Monitoring: Getting Started

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