instana_-php PHP Monitoring

Managing and Monitoring PHP

PHP: Hypertext Processor is a dual purpose, server-side language for both web development and general purpose programming. Whether embedded in HTML or powering a web template, PHP is an extremely ubiquitous language, used in almost every type of application connected to the Internet. As such, it is a requirement for Instana to integrate with and monitor applications utilizing PHP and its interpreter module.

As with all supported technologies, Instana will automatically detect PHP components like PHP-CGI and PHP-FPM on the monitored system and deploy the correct sensor with no configuration from the user.

PHP Performance and Configuration Metrics

As a monitoring solution, Instana collects certain metrics on application performance specific to the supported technology. After automatically detecting PHP on the monitored application, Instana will immediately begin sending those metrics back to its orchestration tool, the Dynamic Graph. This in turn will display the PHP services in the UI, and will comply with any user-configured notification rules for metric bounds. Some of the PHP performance metrics collected by Instana are:

  • Worker Pools
  • Accepted Connections
  • Slow Requests

Please see Instana’s PHP documentation page for more details.

PHP Application Health Monitoring

After automatically discovering PHP, Instana maps out the entire application infrastructure from entry to endpoint and begins collecting key performance indicators to determine the health in real-time. Some of these include:

  • Average Latency
  • Error Rate
  • Requests per Second

In terms of distributed end-to-end tracing, Instana captures every call passing through the application, and will make sure a complete log is attached to each potential service breakdown.

PHP Sensor Installation: Getting Started

Ready to start? You’ll need an Instana Trial or Account first. Already got one? The best place to begin is Instana’s Getting Started Guide.