Redis Monitoring

Redis Monitoring and Performance Management

REmote DIctionary Server (Redis) is the most popular data store technology for containerized microservice applications, Instana’s Infrastructure and Application Monitoring solutions include comprehensive Redis Monitoring. Instana discovers all Redis instances, understands the dependencies / interactions between the Redis clusters and all application components, and begins monitoring the health and performance of each instance — automatically.

To help DevOps optimize their Redis environments, Instana applies automation and artificial intelligence to Redis performance and health monitoring, including predictive problem detection and AI-assisted root cause analysis. Instana reduces your need for Redis expertise within operations.

Redis Performance and Health Monitoring

Instana monitors Redis KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) at the individual component and application level for each instance. The Redis KPIs are used for real-time health monitoring of each instance and cluster. The Service KPIs are used to understand Redis performance within the overall application.

Instana uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) including advanced statistical analysis, Redis-specific Knowledgebase rules and applied machine learning to understand the health status of each Redis instance and cluster in real time.

The Redis Monitoring Dashboard, which summarizes Redis performance and configuration data, includes information about the applications and specific requests using Redis.

Redis Performance and Configuration Monitoring

Instana’s Redis Monitoring sensor gathers all critical metrics to determine the health of each Redis instance and the performance of all application requests at each node. Tracking Redis configuration data allows Instana to monitor changes to the Redis instances and correlate changes to application performance issues.

Redis performance and configuration data is summarized in a single dashboard, allowing users to see all relevant Redis data in a single place for easy problem-solving and performance optimization.

Redis performance monitoring centers around metrics relevant to its interactions with the web applications and microservices that use Redis for data storage services. Instana’s automatically identifies and collects those relevant metrics:

The Redis Monitoring Dashboard shows Redis performance at the instance, cluster and application levels, as well as Redis Configuration Information.

Redis Performance Data

Instana Redis Monitoring includes three types of data; Performance measurements, Configuration Data, and Health KPIs:

Redis Configuration Data Redis Performance Metrics Redis Health Signatures
Port Throughput Memory (Consumption, Fragmentation)
Started At Key Hits, Misses, Hit Rate Hit Rate
Role Keys Expired/Evicted Throughput
Cluster Enabled Database Rejected Connections
Slaves Memory Latency
Connections Calls
Persistance Error Rate
Slow Log

Redis Sensor Installation: Getting Started

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