Tibco EMS

What is Tibco EMS?

According to the Tibco website, Tibco EMS is: “TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™, our standards-based Java™ Message Service (JMS) broker allows any application that supports JMS, whether home grown or third-party, to quickly and easily exchange messages. Fully certified with both the JMS 1.1 and 2.0 specifications ensures compatibility with other applications—as well as a loosely coupled design for less overhead, time, and cost. As part of TIBCO® Messaging, it supports seamless integration for heterogeneous platforms, reduces system bottlenecks, increases scalability, and helps you respond faster to change.”

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Monitoring Tibco EMS with Instana

After the Instana Agent is deployed onto a host that contains Tibco EMS, the Instana TIbco EMS sensor is automatically configured and attaches to Tibco. Instana then immediately begins monitoring Tibco EMS performance metrics to ensure smooth messaging is maintained. Instana gathers Tibco EMS performance metrics for Server, Topics, and Queues all with 1 second granularity so you never miss a spike that indicates the cause of a performance problem.

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Instana Tibco EMS monitoring has built-in health rules as well as built-in events reference, based upon expert knowledge.

Health Signatures

Instana maintains a curated knowledgebase of Tibco EMS health signatures. This curated knowledgebase of health signatures is continuously evaluated against the incoming metrics and are used to alert on issues or incidents depending on user impact and severity. Built-in events trigger issues or incidents based on failing health signatures on entities, and custom events trigger issues or incidents based on defined thresholds of any given entity’s individual metrics.

Examples of Built-in Events Reference for Tibco EMS

Event Description Metric
Connections exceed max

available connections.

The max number of connections is almost

used up.

Connections Count


Messages memory usage

exceeds the limit.

The maximum message memory is almost

used up.

Messages Memory


Queues pending messages

exceed the limit.

The max number of pending messages for the

queue is almost used up.

Queue pending messages


Topics pending messages

exceed the limit.

The max number of pending messages for the

topic is almost used up.

Topic pending messages


For more detailed information about the Instana Tibco EMS sensor, see our

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