Unbounded Analytics™

Fully analyze any issue, from browser request to microservice performance.

Analyze every trace, every call, every microservice.
  1. Intuitively drill into any data point with infinitely flexible filtering
  1. Quickly identify every performance optimization opportunity
  1. Find your bottlenecks, your way

Derive Maximum Value From Your Data

Unbounded Analytics delivers infinite flexibility

Unbounded Analytics delivers infinite flexibility to generate new insights from your entire repository of application request trace data.

Unbounded Analytics delivers infinite flexibility
Unbounded Analytics -every call is available

The Analyze menu provides the complete data set contained within Instana. No limits to any given portion of the data set ensures full access to the data you need, when you need it.

Unbounded Analytics – infinite filtering abilities

With infinite filtering abilities, you can identify and isolate individual (or groups of) traces or calls in whatever manner you want so you can quickly accomplish your goal.

Unbounded Analytics – infinite filtering abilities

Analyze Your Data Across Every Possible Dimension

Unbounded Analytics – filter out noise

Filter out the noise, drill down by Application, Service, Endpoint, Type, Technology, Latency, or any other tag. Nothing is off-limits – you could even filter on whether or not traces contained any error condition.


Combine Instana’s Unbounded Analytics with Application Perspectives to see even greater context between the traces and the applications they come from. In fact you can jump right into Unbounded Analytics of application request traces from within the Application Perspectives UX.

UA page

Finding optimization opportunities has never been easier. Simply group lists by any parameter, each list is linked to the underlying data, click into any link to drill down and explore each statement in context of the associated trace.

Analyze All Your Data, Your Way with OpenTracing, Jaeger, Zipkin and Instana AutoTrace™ Traces

Unbounded Analytics – leverage instana

Leverage Instana’s unmatched comprehensive tracing support to consume and analyze every trace, regardless of how it’s captured. Only Instana provides complete automatic tracing combined and correlated with other trace sources, enhancing any investment you’ve made in open source tools.

Unbounded Analytics – leverage instana
Unbounded Analytics – open source tracing

When you direct all of your open source tracing to Instana, you can quickly visualize and monitor all of your traces in the same way in a single location.

Unbounded Analytics – automatic anomaly detection

Instana’s automatic anomaly detection can also be applied to the integrated Zipkin and/or Jaeger traces. And Instana’s automated root cause analytics will identify issues as they occur with no manual configuration (including thresholds).

Unbounded Analytics – automatic anomaly detection

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