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How Advanced IT Analytics Has Changed the APM Game

Instana CTO Pavlo Baron joins EMA vice president Dennis Drogseth for a discussion on how Advanced IT Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are changing APM.

Managing Application Service Quality in the Age of Microservices and Containers

Containers and MIcroservices are changing the application world, and traditional APM tools can't keep up. Instana CTO Pavlo Baron discusses why a new approach is needed - Service Quality management.

Finding the needle in the Containerized Haystack

When your applications are broken, there is only one question, what is the exact cause? Find out how combining Instana’s Continuous Discovery & Alignment capability with our new Dynamic Focus...

Microservice Monitoring and Quality Management for Modern Apps and Infrastructures

Join the technical experts from Mesosphere and Instana as they tackle visibility and orchestration requirements to deploy and manage your containerized microservice apps and infrastructure.