Distributed tracing is surfacing in the global consciousness of DevOps and Observability as critical signals, on par with metrics and logging. However, while the technology and operations of metrics and logging solutions are well established and understood, distributed tracing is still an early discipline and ripe for learning.
Learn how Altissia leverages Git to manage their CI/CD, infrastructure deployment, application deployment, release management and APM configuration management. And why they automate as much as possible along the way
Join Mirko Novakovic, Co-founder and CEO of Instana and Hannes Lenke, CEO of Checkly as they discuss the Reliability (R)evolution. Hear how freeing DevOps teams from complexity, empowers them to scale and accelerate with end-to-end testing and monitoring.
Join Thorsten Hoeger, CEO at Taimos and Michele Mancioppi, Product Manager at Instana as they talk about why and how Fargate is adopted, the tradeoffs of Fargate with respect to other computing services like Lambda or EC2, and more.
Learn how the Instana team uses ClickHouse to power their solution, lessons they have learned, and how they integrated them back into Instana's own ClickHouse monitoring features.
Join Gal Levinsky from Mobitech as he shares his success story about the usage of Instana APM in an AWS cloud based environment with billions of server calls a day.
Running a SaaS platform that is used 24 / 7 / 365 around the globe and having a fully distributed team running a distributed system can pose challenges, even at our scale. Learn how Instana applies SRE core principles in our daily work to reduce complexities.

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