In just half an hour, you’ll learn how Instana can make sense of your chaotic cloud-native environments, uncover anomalies in the performance of your applications before they can affect your customers - with the context to fix it.
Lightrun and Instana have joined forces to create a streamlined, developer-first observability process geared towards helping IDE natives to better create, consume and - most importantly - understand the way their applications behave in development, staging, QA, CI and production.
Join us during a live demo for an in-depth look at the Instana Observability Platform
Learn how Kedron helped Mayden take it a step further by adding DBmarlin with Instana for database optimization and fine tuning without requiring additional expert knowledge.
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Instana’s new SmartAlerts introduces the ability to utilize pre-configured alerting template configurations using relevant KPIs and automatic threshold detection for use cases like website slowness or website errors.
OpenTelemetry is a vendor-agnostic open standard for collecting signals from your application. Instana is an Enterprise Observability Platform that can automatically instrument most applications and runtimes. Learn how we can benefit from both.

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