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Monitoring in a Microservices World at DockerCon Live 2020

May 28th @ 4:00 PM EDT
In recent years, we saw a great paradigm shift in software engineering away from static monolithic applications towards dynamic distributed horizontally scalable architectures. Docker is one of the key technologies enabling this development. This shift poses a lot of new challenges for application monitoring. In this talk we show how Docker changed the way we do monitoring, how modern application monitoring systems work, and what future developments we expect.
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Applying Observability in the Enterprise at Scale at TechStrong Con 2020

June 4th @ 2:15 PM EDT
Learn how to apply observability ideas in your enterprise without risk of failure, and hopefully get excited about possibilities and chances that come with the introduction of observability in their enterprise.
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Context is King: Successfully Manage Applications Running in K8s

On Demand
In this talk, we will cover the importance of understanding the entire context, from Kubernetes metrics to service dependencies, to successfully develop and run applications on Kubernetes. 
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Accelerate Cloud-Native Innovation through Automation

On Demand
With more people working from home, there's a higher usage and demand of online products and services, and the reality is that everyone has to do more with less resources. Join Instana and Giant Swarm as we discuss how Cloud Native technologies such as Kubernetes, and an ‘automate everything’ mentality can help drive innovation in uncertain times.
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Scared Serverless? Don’t be.

On Demand
Join SD Times and Instana, as we dive into the challenges of monitoring serverless functions and talk about ways to gain production-level visibility into these applications.
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Respond Instantly – Gain Real-Time Insights from Logs, Metrics, Traces and Events

On Demand
Join Instana for a live workshop with Humio to learn how automatic monitoring and live streaming log analytics allow for complete and actionable observability of distributed systems and applications. Together they provide you with peace of mind when it comes to managing complex systems and applications, and maximizes performance and availability for users.
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Building and Monitoring Future Proof Applications

On Demand
Hear from Adrian Colyer, VC at Accel (and former CTO of SpringSource, VMware, and Pivotal) and Mirko Novakovic, CEO at Instana as they look at some of the fundamental shifts taking place, and draw inspiration from the past to see if we can gain any insights into where we might be heading.

Building a Kubernetes Operator in Quarkus

On Demand
Hear the lessons learned by Instana's engineers from implementing our own Kubernetes operator in Quarkus. 

Building, Delivering & Operating Better Code Faster

On Demand
Reliability, repeatability, and speed are the underlying principles that must be mastered to successfully achieve DevOps transformation. Agile development feeding a CI/CD pipeline is only the initial step. Without accurate monitoring providing stabilizing feedback, speed can quickly turn into chaos. The only way to keep monitoring in synchronization with rapid deployments is automation.
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